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Best anime Songs
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24 / M / Washington
Posted 9/18/08

heartearring wrote:

List all the best anime songs. You name it!

"Anime songs" is a pretty generic genre. Do you mean soundtracks or opening-ending-inserts? Oh well, I'll just put both

3. Cowboy Bebop, Effing amazing. My high-school jazz band played Tank! XD
2. Samurai Champloo, the hip-hop theme was really awesome
1. FLCL...just wow...

In terms of Openings and the such...
3. Code Geass; only 5 openings and 4 endings but freaking amazing *cough*alsooneofthebestanimeever*cough*
2. Bleach. A mediocre, overrated anime (incredible manga, though :lol:) , but kick-ass openings and endings. Asterisk might be the best opening song ever
1. Gundam Seed (and Destiny). Incredible songs, especially by T.M.Revolution

Naruto comes in a close 4th, I think. I hate the anime though T_T
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26 / M / sabah,malaysia
Posted 9/18/08
Phosphor-Ui Miyuzaki--Kanokon
Saa!-SURFACE--Mamotte Shugogetten
Yura Yura-Heart Grows--Naruto
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23 / F / JakaRtA
Posted 9/18/08
Asterisk - Orange Range
Sekai yo Warae - Yoshida Jungo
Arigatou - SunSet Swish
O2 - Orange Range
World End - FLOW
BLAZE - Kotani Kinya
Remember - FLOW
Brand New Breeze - Kanon
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23 / F / philippines
Posted 9/19/08
i'm currently listening to FMA-Tobi Rano Mukuo e...really nice...I also love all the songs in rurouni kenshin
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26 / Saniwa's Citadel
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
The Prince of Tennis OVA...
I really like their songs...

Fujouri by Hyotei Eternity

The best of Rival Players...
Posted 9/19/08
Duplicate. Use the threads provided above or the other anime song threads in the forums. There are a lot of them.

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