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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and World Destruction clash
Posted 9/19/08

solarstar101 wrote:

FlyStarMoon wrote:

solarstar101 wrote:

FlyStarMoon wrote:

and your point is?

the point is their is no point to this pointless thread
unless he's trying to prove a point
then it will have a point
but it will still be pointless
because theirs nothing to point out in the first place

i proved my point

p.s: i just abused point

i understand it very well.but STFU.

oi that hurt my feelings online

huh? ...feelings online?i dont know that thing exist.

Posted 9/19/08

zincer wrote:

Since they are both humans vs beastmen kind of story, It would be awesome to have them both mix it up =D

isn't there a "NO VERSUS" rule?

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Posted 12/29/08
TTGL is way WAY way better due to epicness
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