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Your worse nightmare!!
Posted 11/7/08
Having a TERRIBLE upset stomach

and then realizing you have no toilet paper

*crawls in a corner and sucks thumb*
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25 / F / Under the Starry...
Posted 11/7/08
the worst nightmare i can think of now is my favourite in a strange way xD

when i was 8 years old...... (in da dream)
i was playing about in crowded mall when all of the sudden the people vanished (i didnt think it was wierd i only thought everyone was hiding ) i searched everywhere till the top floor, it was really dark and scary, i wondered around and found a person, a shopkeeper who i avoided coz i feel uneasy around him (this is the most detailed dream i ever had O.O i seriously felt this) and after that... i got a feeling ive being watched, not by the shopkeeper, but someone else, someone bad.... o_o

then i bump into a childhood friend (not i real image childhood friend coz he was a boy and i never had any boy friends ** not boyfriends!** and for some reason i think i admire him though ) anyways, it was kinda awkward at first but then he told me about being chase by someone.... o_o i couldnt quite remember >_<! urghhhhh but i think the guy who is stalking us finally revealed himself and said
"ive come to suck your blood"
very dracula-ish but it was like that.... we ran faster and faster... and weave through closed doors (locked i might add funny thing is my "friend" knows how to picklock it in the most peculiar way ) the whole time my heart pounded, then we lost him in a crowded street (suddenly we are outside i dont remember going in from those doors) we came to another door which he cannot picklock, then we saw the vampire >_< we hid in the crowd (what crowd suddenly =.=), hoping he wont see us (coz he was only chasing us for some reason ) when the police arrived!
**************** ????? ****************
i was relieved but then the vampire spotted me sanked his fangs to my neck........... thats when i woke up

its either you wont understand or its just plain crazy xD but it really happened, i woke up shaking in fear, but later when i calm down i had a good laugh

** shorten story **

in a mall met a friend, chased by a vampire, police came but the vampire bit me
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24 / F / ur mums
Posted 11/7/08
being lockked in a buildingg with clowns that have weapons and sharp objectss
and ur all alonee..
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27 / F / Anywhere I Wanna Be
Posted 11/7/08
being burnt alive slowly
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08

MagicalDreamer wrote:

What is your worse nightmare!!!

People like you who don't know how to use the search feature before creating a dupe. *gasp*


For future references use the search feature. SEARCH feature. DO it! =S

Reported for having refused to use the SEARCH FEATURE. Reported for being a dupe.

Posted 11/23/08
^ Damn thats some scary nightmares.
Posted 11/23/08
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