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Are new cars getting uglier?
Posted 11/29/08
It depends not all cars are getting ugly take the GT-R for example when they release the proto the headlight looks like a I don't know but the guys at Nissan did their homework and redesign the GT-R
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Posted 11/29/08

sumit714 wrote:

Well, i dont know about you guys but in my opinion new cars are getting uglier. Sure most new cars have about a million safety features, most new cars do have a 6 cylinder engine (we have come a long way =P) and in general better cars. But in looks, major decrease.


read the text above the pictures

Lanevo IV-Better~

Lanevo X-To worse~

Mazda RX7-Better~

Mazda RX8-To worse~

These are just examples that everyone should be aware of, but there are ALOT more, alot of concept cars these days look like crap.

basically you like the old school street racing style. i do too but not all new cars are that bad
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Posted 2/17/09

RPMD_4G63 wrote:

look what i found...obviously we don't want to be seen in this car

i wonder what was their inspiration for it? they think too much~

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Posted 2/19/09
Most cars are getting uglier. The only ones that are sold because of how they resemble the cars of the past arent but you gotta accept that there are people who think that some things like safety, economy, and the ability to be accepted by a wider variety of people should be designed first and the way the car looks to be second. Personally i prefer the other way around (having all those things designed around the way the designer wants the car to look.

(^ if that car was a woman id hit that)
This kind of car isnt made anymore and thats because people always want to appeal to some kind of market. The inside of cars is changing alot to like in cars today you have airbags for your head, shoulders, legs, balls...and thats kinda ugly imo but for all those people that plan on having an accident they have to make cars with foam on all the corners. So untill volvo has everyone driving their cars that will make it harder you you to have an accident then cars will just keep getting uglier and more plasticy. Btw I Hate black plastic on the out side of cars when the car isnt black. Why cant they just paint them so they dont make the car ugly. You take any car that has big black peices of plastic on it and paint em body color its an instant improvement. Its like they want you to drive ugly cars...
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Posted 2/20/09
acura got ugly cars

subru got ugly impreza (but i still like the legacy)

the civic new design is weird

mazda new smiley look (it looks like the car is LOLing)

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Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
r u kidding me the new evo and rx look great
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31 / F / over the rainbow
Posted 2/20/09
some of em yea,
but not all
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Posted 2/22/09
definately, a perfect example would be the gtr. Compare the looks between the r34 and the r35, one reason why i want to live in europe when i grow up is so i can get the r34 (the r35 is legal in the states but not the r34)

sigh...anyone know if its possible to just buy the shell from the r34 and attach it to the r35? cuz that would be really kick ass
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