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Post Reply ~ Introductions ~
Posted 10/7/08

amy-cullen wrote:

name-amy cullen
description-amy has been mistreated be people her whole life even her family mistreated her. she met a young swordsman in the woods when she was 15 and she had bruises and cuts all over her body. the swordsman took her home and told them he was taking her with him when they got far away from the village he started to train her how to use the sword and she learned how to master it in 3 years. one night the swordsman left amy in the hotel they were staying at and she searches for him with his sword that was left for her. many people have tried to take the sword since it is said to be a sword that can destroy anything in one swipe. amy never uses the sword instead she uses the sword that was given to her by the swordsman once she passed all the tests he gave her. so amy now searches to find a man with a tattoo of a dragon on his back to return the sword.
weapon/power-swords, mind reading

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27 / F / las vegas neveda
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/12/08
Weapon/Power: shapshifting,swords,guns especially designed for her

where do i find photos at

found it
Posted 10/9/08

enter123 wrote:

Weapon/Power: shapshifting,swords,guns especially designed for her

where do i find photos at

Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
Username: cutebubii
Name: Mika Kurika
Type: Angel of Death
Age: 16 (may look 17~18 at times)
Description: When i was little, my parents got murdered in front of my eyes but i could not do anything as i was scared and little. i saw an image of the murderer but the face is blurry in my mind. after that i had run away and was living on the streets until a man found me and took me into his home. He looked after me and taught me how to use magic and all sorts of skills that i had never heard of before. a few years after that he mysteriously disappeared and i tried searching for him. Whenever i found some information it would mysteriously disappear as if nothing ever happened. When i was at the age of 14 i had gotten into a serious situation and came across a group of people who had broken laws and had an angel caged up for no reason; it amused them. I got furious and killed all of them and set the angel free. The angel was so grateful for me saving her that she granted me a position in the angel of death organisation.
Weapon/Power: can heal people, summon light in dark places, ultimate speed and strength, can sense evil anywhere [even if they are in another world], can read minds, fly with her angelic wings, can summon her wings out whenever she likes
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22 / F / In my little box....
Posted 11/22/08
Username: ashleygirl_101
Age: Unknown
Description: She's a mystery... She came out of a foggy night with no apparant parents or friends. She doesn't really talk to the clan
unless she has to. When asked about her past she completely seals up. The only one they think she might have told is a young boy of sixteen. She is a master of disguise. She appears to be what she's not, and can decieve almost anyone. She disappears for long amounts of time with no explanation at all. She seems to have her own little world. On some nights some swear they hear her crying. They are pretty sure she's good.
Weapon/Power: mind-reader, element control, magic, and the rest is unknown


Posted 12/11/08
Username: wrath89
Name: Wrath
Type: Turned Vampire
Age: ??
Description: a chaotic soul searching for his place in the world.
Weapon/Power: Power of Creation

Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/11/08
descroption:Alice is a vampire. She long red hair and with red eyes in her vampire form. An d she has short blonde hair and blue eyes in her human form. She has live in this world for about a long time. She watched thing change while time changed. She has been looking for her parents who disappear when she was 16.. She been searching everywhere but never found. She thinks there now dead.. so she stopped looking..
weapon/power:bloody roses, powers to control people, super speed, really strong, hides in the shadows and turns invisable.
human form:

Vampire form:
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F / In a house
Posted 12/17/08
Username: anime_chibi123
Name: Mizuki
Type: Vampire
Description: Mizuki loves to talk, especially to human beings. Her habit is hated by the vampires, but they accept her anyways. Mizuki likes to explore, read, talk, play instruments and draw. In her childhood, she had a master and he had disappeared. After that Mizuki became miserable, but content. When she died suddenly of disease she had turned to an angel, but later kicked an angel (for some random reason (just remember the peanut song xD)). Later she had turned into a vampire because He had let her. Mizuki searches for her master still, no matter what the consequences.

Weapon/Power: Weaponary master, blades, swords, drawing things and making them come into life, agile, can withstand the sun.

Pic: Human:


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20 / M / none of your busn...
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/17/09
Description:My parents were killled by hunters so ihave no liveing family members,I am an outcast to the human society
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20 / F
Posted 10/4/09
Description:Her Parents Were Hunted And Killed.She Was Only A Kid.A Bunch Of Vampires Came And Took Her In.They Trained Her For Finding The Murders Who Killed Her Parents.Then When She Was Older She Left The Vampires In Persuit Of The Murders.Theres No Going Back Now.
Weapon/Power:Can Run At Lighting Speed And Fight Like Crazy. Pic:(What Kriss Wheres Outside):
Vampire Form:
Fighting Form:
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23 / F / A plastic box
Posted 8/26/10
Username: Black_sky_sweeper
Name: Kyomaru Yukioto (kyo for short)
Type: Human (currently)
Age: 17
Description: She lives by herself. Her parents died when she was young and by the age of twelve her grandparents have been paying for an apartment for her. Since then she's lived alone, worked alone and ate alone. Not that she hates people its just no one really like her because she's a nerd and has a quiet attitude.
Weapon/Power: none


Username: Black_sky_sweeper
Name: Ryu Ame
Type: Dragon hybrid
Age: 19-22 (unknown)
Description: You'll have to ask him.~ <3
Weapon/Power: He has the ability to suduce any one who has any humanity in them, and the ability to manipulate and create fire. And sometimes water.

Posted 11/8/10

sexywolf wrote:

Come here to start...

Copy and paste this..




Username: Hana176
Name: Jackie
Type: angel
Age: 16
Description: Very nice , kind and sweet and don't mess with her or she will show her her bad side,
Weapon/Power: Stick, Great fighter


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18 / Milkyway
Posted 2/22/11
Username: addiction_freak
Name: Bliss Heartnet
Type: Hybrid
Age: 17
Weapon/Power: Eyes change from different colors. Gray being the lowest, Black being medium, White being the highest. They express her levels of anger. Sometimes they'll change for no reason. She can control these three colors in a mist. || Right hand can heal wounds ||

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18 / F / Tokyo
Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/8/11
Username : 2magicgirl
Name : Kasumi
Type : witch
Age : 12
Weapon/Power : Light mapulation , bubbles
Picture : ( imagion her hair is pink )

Posted 9/19/11
Name:Xero Haze
Description:lived in the darkness all alone and doesnt like a lot of people
Weapon/Power: Shakin^koro....the ability relies inside of my eyes and i can activate them at will. Allows me to move through space and time....and others not discovered yet.

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