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Romantic Poems
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23 / F / The Flying Pussyf...
Posted 5/26/13

jaff07 wrote:


Roses are reds
Violets are black
monkey is in the tree
then we are free

there is so many roses roses thingy, is there others?

i have a poem like that, i mean involving monkeys & roses:

Feb. 14
Roses are red
Violets are blue,
Raging monkeys are a pit in hell
i wish i could break outta of my shell
Romeo and Juliet should of stayed appart
that way love would of never start
A river of a purple heart
See's candie i'll rip appart
a sound of a crack,
cupid's arrow shoots through your back!
a pain,a groan, a smack!
Its unbearable this love attack!
I cant take it anymore,
Valentines day shouldnt of come knocking at my door.
This came to mind real quick,
guess i am a poetry kind of chick.
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M / 61st Floor Aincra...
Posted 7/31/13

I see You

by me

Every time I close my eyes and try to go to sleep, I see you…
If I’m focusing way too hard and dare to try and blink, I see you…
When I’m starring off in space daydreaming blissfully, I see you…
When I concentrate real hard on who I want to kiss me, I see you…
When I’ve worked all day and way too hard and need to take a break, I see you…
When I’m all alone and feeling bad and need somewhere to escape, I see you…
When I think of the best times in my life and with whom the all took place, I see you…
When I am asked in my mind’s eye to describe an angel’s face, I see you…
When asked about the one true love I’ve experienced up to this date, I see you…
When having to make the most important choice of choosing a soul mate, I see you…
When I lay down to sleep at night and I begin to pray, when I speak directly to God and think of what to say.  
When I thank him for all he’s done and blessed me with each day, I’m proud to stand before the world and very boldly say, I see you
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M / 61st Floor Aincra...
Posted 8/3/13
Eyes in a dream

In the crowd of figures, I was lost blurred ovals atop colorful silhouettes danced around me though some faces seemed familiar
Like characters in a dream I could not approach them; 
The mass consumed me; It swallowed me whole; empty was the sea of people and featureless was every face.

Then two brown eyes emerged from hiding your eyes just a gaze to capture my breath.Frozen, my toes clung to the pavement 
my bashful eyes fixed upon your own too late to run, too late for
Excuses I had committed a crime on a city street caught in the 
Act by a judgmental witness.

But was it then a smile upon on your lips within a moment it was gone: everything was gone. Turning back over my shoulder, your eyes released me from their grip, free to flee or run after you
the could-have-beens and should-have-beens all regrets sprinted through my mind.

If only to return that smile with one of my own. But again, the opportunity had gone; those eyes had gone....
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21 / F
Posted 8/11/13
A Thundering Storm

A thundering storm
Grows within my aching heart –
My wish won’t come true

To see him leave me
To prevent him from leaving –
My wish will stop his

I must bear this pain
I must cry these tears at night –
My wish can’t come true

This inner conflict
Makes my long nights sleepless ones –
My wish isn’t right

A thundering storm
Grows within my aching heart –
Goodbye My Darling

(this is a poem i wrote myself. My boyfriend is leaving to go to college and im still in my senior year of highschool. this poem is about the pain im feeling from him leaving.)
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23 / M / Land of Ooo
Posted 8/13/13

A few of mine (which may not be "mushy", but they're all about the girl I love):

Once Love

Heaven nor Hell
Hath no fury
My heart of which
Hath not endured
Mine sweetest love
Upon mine lips
Yet distant now
A stranger's kiss

Peculiar that
"My love!", you call
Yet call again
A foreign name
The kiss that was
Her maiden bliss
A thorn that now
Becomes my bane

Betrayed I was
By mine once love
A love that I
Forbear to part
A hollow sound
E'er echoes forth
"My love!", I call
Mine heart of hearts

Forget me not Upon Farewell

As we lay in separate beds
And forever rest our heads
I will pray upon our sake
That you'll forget, by light awake

Alas that I but secret keep
In the heart of sacred sleep
A love gone wrong, forbear to part
And curse the night with severed heart

In the mem'ries, I shall dwell
Forget me not upon farewell
And by the fiction, I will do
Lost in dreams cast for two


I held you up with gentle strength
Like the sky supports the sun
And in your eyes, I saw the warmth
Mingled in the bluest hue

The sun will bow to the waves
And their lips but slowly touch
As the heat is immersed
So am I by beauty slain

We will kiss and part again
Smiling in a secret way
For as the stars bid the moon
So will I return to you

As surely as beauty calls
On the wind, in whisper faint
I will give myself again
To better dreams than dreams of men

Posted 9/7/13
A winters kiss

my fingers are numb
my feet are frozen
my knees are shaking
and my heart is beating slower and slower
is this what it feels like when your dyeing
my faces is stinking in the soft wind
and i cant even feel the snow flaks that drift lightly and land on my face
my lips are cold and turning blue
as she leans in embraceing me with her warmth and kissing me
her lips feel hot and my face is flushed as i blush
her heart is strong and begins to pound its rhythm into my chest
her legs are steady as my knees are weak and shaking from nervousness
i feel alive and scared
brought back to life by one brief moment
and afraid that i will never feel that warm and safe
she whispers marry christmas
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26 / M / NYC
Posted 9/7/13 , edited 9/7/13
roses are red
violets are blue
i am single.
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26 / M / Francesville, Ind...
Posted 9/8/13
Wrote this poem impromptu for someone on another site. Seems I crank out some good stuff when put on the spot.

Angel Before Dawn

Could it be that there you stand?
Angelic features, open hands?
Do you bid me come unto thee?
Or would you rather to remain free?
Draw me nigh and hold me tight.
Do not ever forget this night.
Enchanting flicker of midnight glow
While we wait, a kiss I bestow.
Wait for the dawn if just for awhile
I'll be here, offering you a smile.
Tender-hearted, loving affection
Don't be fooled, it's not perfection.
While not perfect, our love is a treasure.
So let me be yours forever and ever.
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M / Fort Bragg, NC
Posted 9/8/13
Departure - From a boy who couldn't say goodbye to her.

It is time.
A shrill noise blares faintly,
its sounds muffled by thick walls
Our eyes have met,
but no sounds are made,
nor thoughts expressed.

A shrill noise blares faintly,
its sound seems to wane
My hand drifts away,
away from the crimson leather
but our eyes stay fixated.

A shrill noise blares loudly,
and our eyes avert
Each step we take begs of retreat
but Fate, however
refuses to change.

Her steps stop echoing
as mine go on,
on through the doorway
so distant but vast.

Love warns me,
it did
to never look back..
Pain, it whispered
but what of pain?

I looked back at her,
my heart tearing,
pain searing,
but what of it?

I wanted to look at her
for the very
last time.
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27 / M / Guess
Posted 9/13/13 , edited 9/13/13
To Elise
A Hudibrastic Love-Poem,
modelled after Sir John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester

A Leopard cannot change its spot,
Nor Souls become what it's not,
And leaves that hang upon the bough,
Which Winds do rustle as they blow,
(Some plucked from the branch by its hand
And, bourne, do fly and flutter and land),
Can never be flowers, nor birds, nor fruit,
And dogs shall never cease being brutes,
Can you, you generation of Eve,
As leopards, souls, dogs, or leaves,
Hope to be but what you are,
The cause of strife, disorder, war?
Where women are, Virtue leaves,
Reason dies, and Good-Sense grieves,
Evil triumphs, and Vice prevails,
Sin blows over like a mighty Gale,
Men fall victim to her hex,
With cunts and arse she enslaves our sex,
Her kingdom comes, and we see,
the rule of women and debauchery!
And yet, Elise, amongst that race cursed
You are, and by far, the worse!
The Gods gave you perfect form
To clothe a heart more base than worms,
A mouth to bitch, to prat, and suck,
A c*nt with no use but to fuck.
Like Dogs, do men after you hunt,
And Slobber o'er your well-used cunt.
In heat, you give yourself o'er to each one,
Till Semen comes in by the Tonnes,
You are a Vermin, only less,
So, what witchery, then, do you eyes possess?
You draw me back, beguiling whore,
And set me wanting more and more?
A heart as dark as lightless hell,
A voice as sweet as curfew bells,
Which tolls the men to flock round thee,
And use thy cunt so liberally.
How I hate you, and yet my Heart,
Still is trapped by your evil Art!
Jeezubeel, Delilah, and Solomon's sluts,
Lot's daughter, who, with their father, rut,
These whores are all no match for thee,
Thou mighty queen of Lechery!
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25 / F / USA
Posted 11/11/13 , edited 11/20/13
lol nevermind
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M / 61st Floor Aincra...
Posted 11/17/13
Have you ever smiled at me and i had no emotion shown
Have you ever wondered why the world is so big but
you're alone
Have you ever imagined us spending forever together
Have you ever been afraid to approach me when your
mind said it wasn't clever
Have you ever thought that I dream about you when I
Have you ever took a day off just to think about me
Have you ever turned down you friends just to do
something you love
and they didn't understand it was a gift from above
Have you ever wondered why birds chirp and dogs bark
Have you ever wondered why when I'm not around
everything just seems dark
Have you ever thought about the way I act around you
Have you ever questioned yourself about your own value
Have you ever felt like you and me could be a thing
Well this is how I feel, I just wish you knew the joy that
you bring"

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M / 61st Floor Aincra...
Posted 11/17/13
For so long I felt nothing,
no emotion worth speaking of.
My life so routine, 
like a path never veered from.
Old. Worn. Familiar.
But one day I tripped
and fell off the road
landing somewhere unfamiliar. 
But all at once I seemed to come alive
to fill with hope 
and the longing for adventure.
All at once...I met you.
You opened my eyes 
to new worlds 
and told me of my 
infinite possibilities.
You trusted me with your secrets 
and I promised to protect you
as we traveled this unfamiliar path.
I told you everything 
my hopes, goals, fears. 
We seemed to have been
made for each other. 
One day, we came to a cross road.
And silently you turned away 
and went down a path 
which I could not travel.
You left me 
alone, afraid, empty.
To late to turn back 
to where I came from.
To change to go back
to whom I once was.
And so, now I must learn
to make this road my own. 
To put back the pieces 
of my heart one at a time.
And maybe one day, 
far from now, 
when my heart is once again whole
I'll look back on this road
as only a distant dream.
And you only a character in it.
Posted 12/5/13
In this grassy field. Written this about five - six months ago.

The sun says goodnight for now, for his shift is over.
When night comes to greet us, we’re loaned the stars that blanket the sky.
Earth sings in a soft whisper, the nocturnal communicates amongst themselves.
It’s a wonderful setting for you and I, as we rest here enjoy every second of our company.
Surrounded in a sea of grass and locked under your wing, I smile with glee to see tremendous love upon your face, as twinkles dance in your eyes.
You’re in a class of your own; a enigmatic mind with a serene, quiescent charisma.
You’re nourishment for my brain, inspiration that exalts the drive in me.
You put me at ease with your lips, from your comforting kisses to the tender speech that past through them.
You’re forever embedding in my heart, two halves coalesced into one.
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