who's your least favorite news member??
Posted 9/22/08
ok well i dont want to be mean or anything i mean you all no your favorite news member but i was wondering whos your least favorite?
my favorite is definately keii chan!!
but my least favorite use to be ryo because of his perverted ness but i grew to love him because he's silly and like was in 1 litre of tears:]
but ok no one beat me up or anything by mi least favorite memeber is yamashita i mean to me..
he's relle hard working i no but like..
he seems to have like a tense personality and very secrtive :[
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22 / F / san diego,california
Posted 10/6/08
no one i love all of em
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30 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/24/08
least favorite?
i don't have one!
...but my favorite members are YAMAPI and TEGOSHI!
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Posted 10/24/08
i love them all but my least fav is...........................
lol.. i don't wanna mention his name just to be safe... >_<
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