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people disgust me...
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Posted 9/23/08

KinkyHamster wrote:

XxSilverSandXx wrote:

I can't stand racism (spelled wrong I think)
I try to be open minded.Rascist intolerant people make me sick.

this isn't racism...

What intolerant? I was just saying I hate them both.
Posted 9/23/08
Err... Sounds like a group of people who didn't take manners 101 in home.... or their parents didn't teach them that, but thats people theres always people like that though its saddening to see that though
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Posted 10/21/08
don't worry cause everyone is eventually gonna get what they deserve so dont sweat it
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Posted 10/21/08 , edited 10/21/08
You hate the people that hate 'retarded' people?
Just to let you know... whoever created the thread was ranting about people like that.
He/She doesn't hate them.

I find it so mean.
They shouldn't discriminate. -_-
My lord. Our society sucks.
Posted 10/21/08
I used to be a peer mediator for special needs children in high school and they all were very sweet, and some were very smart. It's all so sad that the human race mistreats one another!
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Posted 10/21/08
he has a point about the school. The school over protects them and stuff.
Posted 10/21/08
I believe that being mean to them is actually doing them a favor.
All their life people have avoided eye contact and even thinking about them because it makes them feel uncomfortable.
Negative attention is better than not being noticed by the world at all.
Posted 10/23/08
eee.. read the topic that u were pertaining to..
the creator made his point that he hates the illness..
not the people who has it..
i guess he made a mistake of putting that as he's title..
all that needs to be hated are people who acts as retard..
bc they think its cute.. sample.. paris hilton..
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