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Post Reply Communist China
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23 / M / Portland, Oregon
Posted 12/1/12 , edited 12/1/12

narutoxsasuke_lover wrote:

Kerala is the only communist state in India (We say state, but its almost like a mini country) and its the state with the highest literacy, the only state with the ratio of girls greater than that of boys, and a state where there's almost no corruption and bribing. So I think communism works. (up to a certain extent) Not that I like what the chinese government are doing! But they have made China the 2nd most powerful country in the world! So there must be something in communism!!!!

I think China is formed into one of the most stable and powerful countries, not because of communism, but because of what the country has gone through. The history of China precedes 3000 b.c. They have been constantly at war since the beginning of their history, and have gone through being united and broken apart again when their rulers lost their virtue.
I think though, Communism isn't all bad, but I think it's more of a control factor for the party than anything, and the country isn't really united. For an example, the united Han or Tang dynasties when they began. Mao Zedong also killed hundreds of thousands of people trying to implement his ideals through the Great Leap as well as the Cultural Revolution. He gained a lot of ideals from Stalin, who wasn't the most caring leader of his people, to say the least.

China is strong because of what it has been through and what it has gone through, but I think a lot of Chinese would agree with me when I say the country isn't truly united. Although, a lot of Chinese did praise Mao as well.
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18 / M / where shit takes me
Posted 2/10/13
in communist china car dive u
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Posted 3/2/13
Actually Its Korea and its the Older Korean people that eat dog.And that was mainly during the korean war . the poor people who moved south away from the war and had very little food would do that.
I have been to china and not once did i see dog on any menus any where. Not even street food .And i saw some very weird street food in bejing.
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18 / M / Hong Kong/ Shangh...
Posted 3/12/13
The internet sucks here. That is all I have to say. Otherwise, it's a rather awesome place to live (Shanghai).

Also, why block YouTube, Facebook and dwlding sites? Just so that they can make there own fake versions?

Also, 5 bucks for a new movie blu-ray quality still in cinema? I'm down.
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F / http://myanimelis...
Posted 6/9/13
well i wanna see the great wall and terracotta army
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