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[2012~KDrama] To The Beautiful You (Korean "Hana Kimi")
Posted 8/20/12
I am going to watch it!!
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29 / F / California
Posted 8/22/12
I have to say that after watching the first episode, I am a little disappointed. It just lacked all the charm the other versions have, a charm that I absolutely love. The characters were not as quirky or near as interesting, and the main girl-the Mizuki character- was very unbelievable. However, the Nakatsu character was amazing and I even grew to think his haircut was kind of cute by the end of the episode. Hopefully, it will get better as it goes on, but I might just skip this Hana Kimi remake
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27 / F / United States
Posted 8/24/12
Okay so watched 4 episodes...I don't really know about this. It's not exciting enough to have me desperately longing for the next episode. I think most of it has to do with the characters.

I think in Korea (maybe because they're very Christian?), they are uncomfortable with gay themes. And as we know, there are a lot of gay themes in Hana Kimi. The two gay characters, the student and the doctor, are very subtly gay in the Korean version, which makes them more bland.

Speaking of bland, Sano in this one has no character whatsoever. Maybe it's bad acting, but he just doesn't appeal to me at all. I know Sano is supposed to be cold and aloof, but in the Korean drama, he's just dull. I think Sulli who plays Ashiya is very good, although she doesn't really try lowering her voice. But Korea is a very feminine country. There are a lot of guys that look like girls there, so maybe it is probable for her to pretend to be a boy. She's no Ella, though. That actress was butch lol.

As WuChunsgirl mentioned, the other characters lack quirkiness in this drama. In both the Japanese and Taiwan dramas, I could tell the side characters apart. There was the play boy dorm leader, the guy who could see ghosts, the gay guy, etc. etc. But in the Korean version, because they lack uniqueness, I don't know which character is which at times besides the main characters. I think these characters really added the magic to this story.

So, to make a long analysis short, I don't hate the Korean version. I just think it lacks what made the other two versions great. I do think that it is getting better as the drama progresses. The scenes are all switched around, and so it certainly is like watching something new. I don't really think it's going to capture my heart like the other two, but we'll see. I've only watched four episodes so far.
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Posted 8/26/12
@WuChunsgirl and LotusBliss

I agree with both of ur optinion.
The korean filmmaker are trying too hard to be different than the other versions. I was also quite irritated bout the other charakters, caus they lack really uniquess. To be honest most of them looks alike :/
But what I liked are the tiny details, like when Ashiya thougt about her tracking record was at the girls league for example.
In the other hand

And at the other day it was like nothing happend. If u compare the shock ella had with this one its more than irritating.
Also the moment when Sano overheard the conversation between Ashiya and her brother and
he was not as shocked as he should have been. Maybe its just his poor acting but at this crucial moment I espected way more than that! Dispite all this critism I will still watch it. The taiw. and japan. versions are also not perfect but I still liked them, and I think i will also like this one eventually.
Posted 8/27/12
I think that the Korean version is okay as a drama by itself.
But when I compare it to the other versions, I do feel that there are a few areas that could have been better in the Korean one.
Kang Tae Joon......I do have to give him credit for being able to keep such a straight face at times I could never do that. He has one amazing pokerface Haha
But I do like Eun-Gyeol's character and how he's always taking selcas of himself. Cute~
There are a lot of good things in the drama and I think as long as you don't compare, it's a really enjoyable one (and to be honest, I have cried at some parts)
Besides, whenever you compare, there's going to be SOME kind of issue so I guess I kind of expected this much
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Posted 9/2/12
i-i- cant even alksjdflak
///fangirl screma.
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26 / F / samseongdong
Posted 9/3/12
maybe it would have been better if amber was casted as the lead girl instead of sulli. amber looks like a really believable boy anyway
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