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23 / M / Will not distribute
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
Alright, lets get started...

Epic, as in, crazy good.

B - Battle Royale... Well, the movie was based on the manga..
D - DN-Angel
F - Futakoi Alternative
G - Gundam, any of them.
H - Higurashi no koro ni / Kai
K - Kanon 06
L - Lucky Star
M - MOBILE suit Gundam. Hahahha
N - Nakoruru OVA.. Biased opinion since Nakoruru is my favorite SS Character.
R - Rozen Maiden
S - Shakugan No Shana
T - THE melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
U - Utawarerumono
V - None
W - Wolf's Rain
Z - Zoids
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28 / M / Earth
Posted 9/26/08
oO these are my fav anime from each alphabet i guess -My top 5 anime would be:
1. Fate Stay Night
2. Air Gear
3. Seto No Hanayome
4. Slam Dunk
5. Fumoffu (Full Metal Panic)

A- Air Gear
B- Bleach
C- Canvas 2
D- D-Gray Man
E- Eyeshield 21
F- Fate Stay Night
G- Great Teacher Onizuka
H- Hunter X Hunter
I- Ituzara No Kiss
J- Jigoku Sensei Nubei
K- Kyou Kara Maoh
L- Love Love
M- Marchen Awakens Romance
N- Naruto Shippuden
O- Ouran High School Host Club
P- Prince of Tennis National Championship
Q- lol never watched any anime that started with Q
R- Ryoko's Case File
S- Seto No Hanayome
T- To Love RU
U- Utawarerumono
V- Don't really have a favourite on this one
W- Whistle!
X- X
Y- Yakitate Japan!
Z- Zero No Tsukaima
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Posted 9/26/08

louie08 wrote:

wahoo6692 wrote:

louie08 wrote:

haha... this is a nice thread... another way of looking for an anime to watch... let me put mine...

A - Anime Trailers - a nice one... you can find it here on crunchyroll...
B - Bleach - Great one... without the fillers...
C - Clannad - EPIC one...
D - Death Note - thumbs up...
E - Eyeshield 21 - YA! HA!
F - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - really EPIC
G - Gundam - all of them
H - Hunter X Hunter - another great one
I - ikkitousen - 3 seasons... nice services...
L - Lucky Star - the randomness... yeah, the randomness...
M - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The - what can i say? Sigh~ truly EPIC...
N - Naruto - one of the best... without the fillers...
O - One Piece - the best - fillers are ok
P - Pokemon - gotta catch 'em all
S - School Days - gave me a lesson... haha...
T - To Love-Ru - GREAT!
V - Vampire Knight - of course its on the list
Y - Yu-Gi-Oh - watch it...
Z - Zero no Tsukaima - 4th season, 4th season, 4th season now please...

LOL, it so obvious to people that there's a fourth season for Zero no tsukaima it not even funny

That's why i wrote "now" right? hehe... read carefully...

U misunderstood me, What I meant is season 3 ending was made so obvious that everyone knew there gonna be a season 4 even before the studios even post it on the net

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Posted 9/26/08

talktalk wrote:

why naruto !!!!! its so suckish !!!!! i mean like why do we have to see 100 episodes that doesnt even make the story go forward and people can already predict his missions !!!! his missions are like go to a mission completes mission does more than mission make a friend stand up for friend and defeat the bad guy !!!! what im trying is that well the anime sucks balls ok ............ and he doesnt remember his friends and he wants to be hokage for a stupid reason i mean so what if hes lonely im lonely and i dont try running for mayor and command ppl to pay attention to me !!!!!!!!! naruto is so retarded he has a gay voice and he has an attention span and is a show off that should mind his own beeswacks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he doesnt even use his own power if he didnt have the ninetail fox in him hed only be like sexy jutsu sexy jutsu !!!!! if he keeps doing that a homo will rape him !!!!!!!!!!

This is the best anti-naruto posting I have ever heard.
"RApe by homo" THat hi larious
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Posted 9/26/08

FlyStarMoon wrote:

wahoo6692 wrote:

kokocai1 wrote:

bleach as an epic anime? never gonna happen dude

Epic basically doesnt mean it supposed to be crazy good. It just have to be long as hell.


WTF?Naruto is Epic?Lol.

Helo,NAruto Season 1 was like 200 episodes, Didnt I say epics are long as hell.
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28 / F
Posted 9/26/08

wahoo6692 wrote:

girlwholived13 wrote:

C - Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief
D - D. Grey Man
E - Elfem Lied
F - Full Metal Alchemist
H - Howl's Moving Castle
I - Itazura na Kiss
J - Jounjou Romantica
K - Kaikan Phrase
L - Last Exile
N - Neo Angelique Abyss
P - Persona
R - Rurouni Kenshin
S - Spirited Away
T - Trigun
Y - Yu Yu Hakusho
Z - Zamd's Lost Memories

Zamd's????? I thought it was Xam'd Lost memories

JAJA true tha5. sorry. I was, still am extremely sleepy. But hey, I managed to write most of the names write without much error. So its good.
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
5 - 5 Centimeters Per Second

B - Baldr Force EXE Resolution
C - Clannad
D - Da Capo
E - ef~a tale of memories~
F - Fate/Stay Night
G - Gundam SEED Destiny
H - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
I - Ichigo 100%
J - N/A
K - Kanon'06
L - Lucky Star
M - Moetan
N - N/A
O - Onegai Teacher
P - Pokemon?
Q - N/A
R - Rurouni Kenshin
S - School Days
T - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
U - N/A
V - Vision of Escaflowne
W - Wolfs Rain
X - N/A
Y - Yumeria
Z - N/A

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22 / F
Posted 9/26/08
ef ~ a tale of memories ~
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21 / M / Nowhere
Posted 9/29/08
B = Bleach
Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/29/08
C- Code Geass Series

I don't need to name another series, because Code Geass dominates ALL.
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27 / M / Slough UK
Posted 9/29/08
You should replace this:
"S-Solty Rei, THe only anime in the whole entire world that made me Cry. Image "
Since you like this:
"Z- Zero no Tsukaima Series, The story was good and its funny."
S-Shana no Shakugan - Probably better in some cases then Zero No Tsukaima
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27 / F / N/A
Posted 9/29/08
My EPIC Animes!

A- Air TV
B- Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro
C- Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura (its a tie)
D- DN Angel
E- Elfen Lied
F- Fushigi Yuugi
G- Gundam
H- He is My Master
I- Itazura na Kiss
J- Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu
K- Kirarin Revolution
L- Lucky Star
M- Marmalade Boy
N- Nanatsuiro Drops
O- Ouran High School Host Club
P- Pretear
Q- Queen Millennia (Not epic really but only Q I know.)
R- Rozen Maiden
S- Shugo Chara
T- Tokyo Mew Mews
U- Ultra Maniac
V- Vampire Knight
W- Welcome to the NHK
X- xxxHolic
Y- Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na - Crescent Love
Z- Zero no Tsukaima
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24 / at home. .
Posted 9/30/08
C- Code Geass
D- Death Note
E- Elfen Lied

Posted 9/30/08
D- D.Gray-man.
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28 / M / Cebu City Philipp...
Posted 9/30/08
thats like too long...!!
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