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Random Facts About Yourself
Posted 4/8/07 , edited 4/8/07
1) i hate onions
2) when I get my food i seperate them into sections, otherwise I get annoyed
with it.
3) I dont drink soda. ( anymore, 3 months running.. w00t! )
4) I can watch a whole korean series, but not know what's happening in the world.
5) I can't fall asleep in the dark, I have to have some kind of noise in the
6) I lose my keys at least 2 times a week
7) I wont use any of the MACS at school unless it has a dvd-rom
8) I hate anything that says " Loading....."
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24 / F
Posted 4/8/07
1. Im adopted
2. Im a vegetarian
3. Music=love
4. I don't drink soda
5. I love the night
6. Im scared of being alone
7. I have low self-confidence
8. I love to read (it get's me out of my world and into another where I can be the hero)
9. Im in love and he dosen't know it.
10.Im Christian
11. Im secretly a ninja
Posted 4/8/07

stone032 wrote:

10. Im secretly a ninja

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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/8/07
lol, i like reading negima, and drawing comics, lol again
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21 / F / SDF-1
Posted 4/8/07
I just farted.
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25 / M / JPN -> KR -> USA
Posted 4/8/07
1. i stopped drinking soda couple of months ago
2. i hate reading books
3. im Japanese/Filipino/Spanish
4. tired of living in Korea
5. i can run 3miles in 15mins (which means 1mile = 5mins...sprinting hard!!)
6. i play drums
7. my parents formed a band couple of years ago and still active
8. i get irritated by listening to classical and country songs
9. im taken
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27 / M / Irvine, CA
Posted 4/8/07
I can dislocate pretty much all my joints for fun and it wouldn't hurt a bit. hehe
I can drive nails through my hands and feet and it wouldn't hurt. I'm a freak of nature.
Oh right I'm double jointed if that counts for anything (it actually doesn't as it just means I have more flexible joints)
oh yeah, and I like ramen
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F / canada
Posted 4/8/07
i dun drink soda or beer or smoke or take drugs wadeva
onions, ginger,garlic,leek OUT OF MY WAY
sporty n can be overly high n hyper when tokin abt thinng i like...(eg manga n anime pop idols n stuff)
very very quicktempered n takes a lot to anger me haah
cant live without music

my parents nearly got divorced haha??
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 4/8/07
1. I like writing stories.
2. Everybody thinks I can beat them to shreds(at my school)
3. I'm very shy towards girls
4. I love drinking Fruitopia
5. Tea is good.
6. I love turtles and jellyfish :D
7. My bike pwns your bike.
8. I can write with both hands....what's that word..ambidextrous..?
9. I like to kick people.
10. I drink lots of water. My PE teachers talking during Square dancing:
"He drinks a lot of water."
"yeah, drinks a jug, loses a jug."
"I bet his sweat can fill a jug."
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24 / F
Posted 4/8/07

mushroomjay wrote:

1. I use Linux Ubuntu
2. I kick ass at everything I do. Even not kick ass.
3. I laugh at almost everyone.
4. I hate you all.
5. I have no idea why I actually still go to CR.
6. I don't know how to shot web.
7. I never actually do any moderating work, unless Beth, Julia, or someone else asks me to do so.
8. Me and Luke kick ass.
9. My hair can kick your ass.

My hair can kick your hair's butt........

that was an odd sentence
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25 / M / JPN -> KR -> USA
Posted 4/8/07
My hair kicked ass even more...every1 said my hair look like second generation of dudes from Alice Nine.....but it was last year.. this year, im in JROTC now, so i cant grow my hair long
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27 / M / Behind you
Posted 4/8/07
1. I can speak 3 different languages Filipino/English/Japanese (currently studying Italian and French and planning to study Korean and Chinese)
2. won a few Gold medals in track and field
3. I only like certain vegetables
4. very lazy lol
5. considered smart by others, but not really am
6. I love being Asian lol
7. Introvert(not very social)
8. I know about 150 Japanese Kanji
9. never had a girlfriend (like Keitaro urashima lol.)
10. I love Pocky!!
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F / Chicago, IL
Posted 4/8/07
1. can drink 3-4 gallons of water a day
2. heavily insomniac
3. i start on 10 page term-papers 5 hours before it's due
4. i can text message at the speed of light (T9 & ABC)
5. had 10 different piercings in my entire life
6. can/will eat cottage cheese like it's ice cream
7. own over 90 pairs of earrings
8. sell cars for my current living
9. can down 30+ shots of hard liquor without throwing up
10. raised 6 raccoons
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24 / M / England
Posted 4/9/07
1.only drink diet coke and banana milkshakes
2.I never carry house keys so i always get locked out
3.I am on the run from ninja bunnys
4. was raised by ants after they found me and stole me
5.I love the fell of putting on brand new socks
6. my waller crys when i spend all the money inside it
7. I eat and eat and eat and never out on weight
8. havnt slept in 1 1/2 days i just thinking sleeping is boring just lay there
9. i could live of sausagerolls
10. want to get some fish
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59 / F / Melbourne
Posted 4/9/07
1. I love sudoku
2. I am a member of Mensa
3. I don't have grey hair yet even though I'm 49
4. I have an adult son, and another teenage one
5. I have a science degree
6. I am divorced
7. My favourite animals are apes
8. My favourite colour is blue
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