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Random Facts About Yourself
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26 / F / Philippines but i...
Posted 4/9/07
I'm 3/4 fil and 1/4 Spanish
I laugh alot
I Love my family (including my bros even if they're so annoying)
I'm SUPER friendly
I can easily get jealous
I'm amazed with screaming/ growling girls
I'm in love with Singing (some one even told me to join some singing contests)
I'm very loving (sacrificing everything > a 3,000 peso telephone bill)
I'm currently in love with flip flops ( i'm allergic to rubber)
I love traveling

- (///_^)
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28 / M / England
Posted 4/9/07
1. the thought of scrapping metal on teeth scares me
2. i find it hard to look at ppl when i talk to them
3. i like them white sweet buns with meat in them, think they're called Cha siu baau?
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F / Outside
Posted 4/9/07
1. I'm not really 11.
2. I don't watch anything from crunchyroll. I used to.
3. I don't like anime or drama anymore,
4. I post for fun because I have nothing better to do.
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28 / M / lazing in England
Posted 4/9/07
1. ducks give me the creeps
2. have good memory for useless trivia
3. have insomnia since birth
4. like reading a book when tube riding
5. both parents were graphic designers
6. have no intention to learn to drive
7. can be too competitive when playing street ball games
8. hate peas
9. am obnoxiously confident in real life, but shy online
10. have five brothers and one sister (including a half-brother and a half-sister)
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Posted 4/9/07
1. During my Oscar Wilde class I have a reoccuring fantasy in which I throw my 1,216 pages hefty Complete Works of Oscar Wilde at my teacher's face. The idea makes me very happy.
2. My room could be a museum for half-emptied water bottles.
3. Most people never notice a difference, but I will forever have my baby canines (the teeth) because they stole the adult ones out of my face. Sadface.
4. And I love my ketchup packets. = 3
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27 / Outer Space
Posted 4/9/07
1. I hate leeks
2. I'm vietnamese
3. procrastinate
4. fascinated with aliens
5. fascinated with ghost/horror stuff
6. way into egl
7. Asian
8. I dislike sweet sweets
9. illogical
10. I like flying donkeys
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29 / F / Toronto
Posted 4/9/07
1. I love pizza with lots of hot sauce
2. I'm good at drawing and painting...pretty good (been the vice president of art club)
3. drinks a lot of coffee
4. Left handed here...
5. I love saying jokes...but no one tends to laugh...sigh
6. Collects old money from different countries...
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31 / M / somewhere out the...
Posted 4/9/07
1. singaporean
2. quiet in real life but real talkative in msn
3. have a scar behind my ear due to a training accident during my army days
4. practices taekwondo (got a silver for the last competition.. )
5. likes slping too..esp in lectures..
6. has no effect on me..none at all..
Posted 4/9/07
1. I'm weird
2. I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian, though I don't know if I can give up KFC :(
3. I LOVE ice cream & shopping
4. I hate waiting, but I'm always late for class
5. I wear glasses
6. I can be annoying as hell if I want to be ^__^
7. I'm asian (vietnamese)
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 4/9/07
1. im a filipino
2. i like to waste time
3. i like to play
4. i like to sleep even during class
5. i dont like to do nothing even though im lazy
6. i like to be evil
7 i want to raise my CR points
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30 / F / Cebu, Philippines
Posted 4/9/07
1. Im 5' 7"
2. I'm the only one among my anime fanatic friends who really HATES CardCaptor sakura
3. I'm a seiyuu hunter
4. Im a BSN graduate
5. I'm a filipino, part chinese, part spanish
6. Im very lazy
7. I frequently go to comfort rooms
8. I can speak English, Filipin, Cebuano, minimal Japanese, least chinese and spanish
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34 / M / Texas
Posted 4/9/07
1. I'm very impatient at times.
2. I'm fine being around 2-3 people but any more annoys me.
3. I cook alot
4. I eat healthy.
5. I workout a LOT
6. I love doing yard work =/
7. I have a thing for thin girls with long hair.
8. If your ugly I'll still date you if your not fat (thats my biggest turn-off)
9. I only wear t-shirts and jeans.
10. I'm defiantly a gentleman.
11. I hate sitting around doing nothing.
12. I drink a lot (mostly whiskey)
13. I like to spend money =(
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Posted 4/9/07
1. I'm nearly 19 and still haven't lost all my baby teeth. :)
2. I hate being touched. I especially hate having my hair touched.
3. Speaking of my hair, I haven't seen my original hair color since I was 12.
4. I hate pizza, chocolate, & swedish fish.
5. Other than David Bowie & Journey, all the music I listen to is in foreign languages.
6. I taught myself to read when I was three years old & since then knew I wanted to be an author.
7. I've been wearing glasses since a few months before my 2nd birthday.
8. I can see/hear/feel/smell spirits.
9. I hate drinking [as in water, pop, etc] and can go for days without doing so.
10. I'm obsessed with cults, secret societies, conspiracies, etc.
11. My eyes are two different colors & appear to change shades depending on my hair color/clothes. They're normally brown/green [one eye is brown, the other is green] however, if I'm wearing pink/my hair is pink, my eyes look grey. Purples make my eyes look green, etc.

mkat wrote:
4. Left handed here...

:D I'm left-handed also.
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Posted 4/9/07
1. Love sweets. I can go days on just eating only dessert.
2. I really really hate superficial females and their use of the word "like"
3. I procrastinate as well to the extreme at times.
4. I have my crazy moments of OCD (maybe 85% of the time)
5. I love yellow!
6. I do not like flowers.
7. I owe my mother at least $2,000 in lost jewelry. And a thousand more in
borrowing for school.
8. I only have one true friend.
9. I do crazy things that result in hurting myself or those around me
10. And the best part is that I really enjoy painting and creating all of my artwork!.
Posted 4/9/07
here goes.

1. i'm a huge worrier
2. i'm the youngest in my year [and hating it]
3. i'm scared of almost everything [if you want the complete list then PM me]
4. if you start a bitch sesh with me i can go on for hours.
5. i'm apparently really blunt with the things i say and the questions i ask [so my friends say anyway]
6. i'm crap when it comes to money
7. i'm really [embarrasingly] materialistic.
8. i eat so much but i'm horribly picky.
9. i'm extremely organised. my friends say i'm OCD about it or i'm too much of a perfectionist
10. once i start laughing i find it really difficult to stop
11. i'm constantly singing even though i'm really really bad at it [but i'm making it fashionable ]
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