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Random Facts About Yourself
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22 / F / SDF-1
Posted 4/20/07
Emo mood swings?
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Posted 4/20/07
I get easily obsessed over stuff and sit for three hours or sometimes 5 hours at a strech
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Posted 4/20/07
I'm getting my nipple pierced on september 12th.
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29 / M
Posted 4/20/07

rain1800 wrote:

yeah I'm like that i guess

Fact: I suck at charades.

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30 / M
Posted 4/20/07
1. I hate stupid people.
2. Always find me on a laptop or a computer
3. Obsessed with tea. Any kind.
4. Hates my girlfriend: she`s so annoying. Shi Len Woong
5. Misses Japan but likes Korea, going back soon.
6. Doent smoke and drink
7. Know Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and English.
8. My friends are stupid but friends are friends.
9. I really hate anime wannabees.
10. Looking for a girlfriend
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23 / F / nyc
Posted 4/20/07
1. my indoor voice is lower then my outdoor voice. i like my outdoor voice
2. i use to not know how to make oodle my noodles. but i know now=)
3. carries my music everywhere i go.
4. loves to smack people on the arm.
5. uses chopsticks when drinking soup.
6. loves to play with people's face while they're sleeping.
7. learning french at school + some japanese from the internet.
8. i love to drink tea && eat dim sum at the same time. know as yum cha O_O
9. i haven't wore any earrings for a few weeks and the piercing is not closed yet.
10. kicks people if they wake me up in the middle of the night. which is when i deep sleep.
11. studies for a MAJOR test at the last minute.
12. i'm slow sometimes.
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26 / M / Chicago, illinoise
Posted 4/20/07
1. i like cheese cake it pwns pie hard.
2. after telling my parents what i would do with 3 wishes im banned from guns and any other hermful things.
3. Im completly fuckin random
4. i have bipolar disorder
5. Im a lazy mofo
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36 / F / well at the computer
Posted 4/20/07
1. I'm not a guy even though I have a guy name.
2. I have a very dry very odd sense of humor.
3. I have never sent a text message.
4. I'm a librarian.
5. Night owl + heavy insomnia = me
6. I pace around my house all the time.
7. I had all of my assignments done at least one month in advance of the due time.
8. I'm a loud girl that will stand up on a table in the middle of a university's union and go 'Hey so and so. You told me to meet you here at said time. You're late!'
9. I find Asian men very attractive.
10. None of my friends live close to me. The closest one is 6 hours away.
11. I go to or rent movies at least once a week.
12. I'm not patient at all unless I have a hot guy to look at.
13. I'll start a conversation with just about anyone.
14. I wear glasses and contacts not at the same time.
15. I don't know how to download a ringtone to my phone and I don't want to learn.
16. I have 357 movies in my online rental queque.
17. I don't like vegetables of any kind.
18. Cottage cheese = my kind of meal
19. I don't wear make up.
20. I collect stuffed dolls like teddy bears.
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28 / F / Australia =)
Posted 4/21/07

1. i stopped drinking soda couple of months ago
2. i love reading books
3. im chinese/cambo/french
4. i love living in australia
5. i play the bass guitair
6. i love nrl( football)
7. soccer is my love = my life
9. loves her one and only

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33 / M / Iloilo City, PH
Posted 4/25/07
1. started stealing smokes around 11... officially a smoker by age 14...
2. drinks beer like a fish... not anymore but still got the flab to prove it...
3. eats beetles and lizards at drinking parties... not anymore I'm the human pin-cushion now...
4. loves the smell of incense...
5. very talkative after days of seclusion...
6. likes to chew zoloft and wash it down with milk...
7. forgive? easily, forget? not likely...
8. branded my arm with an ankh when i was 15...
9. rarely falls in love but really falls when it happens...
10. still doesn't have a colored cell phone... (too cheap to buy one)
11. I call my computer clarisse...

life is sweet and sour pork...
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29 / F / singapore
Posted 4/25/07
i dance ballet...or i use to.
Posted 4/25/07
-i constantly have insomnia couple that with allergies, and you have the reddest eyes on the planet.

-I hate when eating chow mein with chopsticks, though I love chop sticks.

-my locale sushi bar knows I always say "ITADAKIMASU" before I eat.. and
"gochisosama deshita" when I'm finished..... I remember the first I did it they all
had a big smile on their face.
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29 / M / Watching Heaven f...
Posted 4/25/07
I can chew gum and breath at the same time.
Posted 4/25/07
every one can BAKA
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26 / F
Posted 4/25/07
random fact about me:

i sleep at 4 am...hehehehe
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