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Random Facts About Yourself
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35 / F / outer space.. wit...
Posted 4/26/07
1. I love to be with my bestfriend most of the time..
2. I always carry my phone around...
3. I'm silent when it comes to real life..
4. I'm scared of injections..
5. I don't like other messing me around..
6. i hate sesame seeds.. they made me feel dizzy most of the time.
7. I dont drink beer..because i hate the smell..
8. I can stay inside my room for one whole day..
9. I can't fall asleep in the dark, I have to have some kind of music in the
10. I hate my beshee's schedule..
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Posted 4/26/07
i dont take drugs.
i dont drink or smoke
Im Hypo!
iM Spesho0l
I always do my hw last minute
I hate it when my friend wants to cut herself.
I have Really wierd dreams
I love cookies. Cheese .elmo and anime
I can scare people easily oO"
speak ummm... 2 fluent languages. (viet and English) and okaii with jap, chinese... ^^

WEEEEEEEEEEEE GO [email protected]!!
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26 / M / Australia
Posted 4/26/07
1. i love art, music (any) and sport except cricket and rugby
2, I can reformat my brain
3. I open the fridge every 2 minutes but do not take anything
4. I secretly ditch my friends every Friday lunch to go to anime club
5. I have a "FROG" wallet (yes, real frog skin and head, and hands, etc has a googley eyes...its materialized and has a fabric inside to put my money.)
6. I love ketchup
7. I can do a marathon of anime 14 hours STRAIGHT and forget to eat, drink, blink and go to toilet
8. I love winter
9. I hate sad ending animes
10. I can hear whispering voices when I'm alone

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32 / M / San Diego
Posted 4/26/07
1. I have the asian flush, where I turn red easily after drinking some alcohol, blushing, etc.
2. One of my nicknames in junior high was 'poo'. They combined the first letter of my name and the last letters of my last name. Phil Yoo.
3. I liked Algebra I
4. I'm a total slacker
5. I never study early for tests. I always cram for them a couple hours before the tests.
6. I like eating most vegetables
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25 / F / lala land
Posted 4/26/07
1.) I'm afraid of monkeys because one time a monkey grabbed my hair and threw bananas at me
2.) I run away whenever i see balloons because i'm always afraid they'll pop
3.) I some times sleep with my eyes open
4.) I study for tests a week or 2 in advance (yes call me a geek) and some times i still fail T____T
5.) I take embarrassing pics of my sis when she sleeps
Posted 4/27/07 , edited 8/25/08
i fall in love too easily but i fall out of love easily too !
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24 / M / my house derr
Posted 4/27/07
1) hungry alot
2) hungry alot
3) hungry alot
4) lazy likes 2 sleep
5) big family
6) often says cruel jokes muhahahahaha
7) hungry alot
8) quite slim
Posted 4/27/07
Here's some more:

1) I play the piano and used to play violin and recorder. I really want to learn the tenor saxophone and acoustic guitar someday.
2) I get really nervous when I'm public speaking or performing, even though I used to do debating.
3) I can touch type - the result of a few hours each day on the internet.
4) When I get excited I tend to go to a voice level too high pitched for humans.
5) I love hugs. I generally tend to hug everyone I know when I see them.
6) I like people underestimating me because I enjoy their reaction when I prove them wrong.
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25 / F / WPG, Canada♥
Posted 4/28/07
1. i love food
2. i hate my glasses
3. snow sucks!
4. i like math
5. i play tenor sax
6. never gotten an F
7. hooked on cr.
8. talks wayy toomuch
9. LAZY,
10. should be sleeping right now

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28 / F / so cal
Posted 4/28/07
i can continuously crack my toes and it doesn't hurt
i hate the smell of smoke
any science is my absolute worse subject
i actually enjoy running
procastinate A LOT!
enjoys music a lot
watch asian drama
i think hero is a excellent show
play the piano
sometimes wishes i can sing okay lol!
o! and i like japanese guys :D
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26 / F / Vancouver
Posted 4/28/07
1. 100% Chinese
2. Fluent in Mandarin, English. 5 years school experience with French (but I still SUCK),and is learning self-tutoring Korean
3. I'm a grade 9 in grade 10, and is in grade 11 chemistry
5. Lazy =]
7. Love nightmarkets
8. 8 consecutive terms on Honor Roll since beginning of High School =]
9. Likes China/Korea better than Canada
10. Wishes I have 20/20 vision again (I have glasses, I dont HAVE to wear them. BUT OMG EVERYTHING IS GETTING BLURRRRY)
11. Summer > Winter
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26 / F / StawberryMOCHii
Posted 4/28/07
1.) i can sleep mostly everywhere
2.) i'm super good at hide&go seek
3.) i scream before the rides starts ><
4.) shhh ... i'm a ninja
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30 / M / Cali
Posted 4/28/07
1. i was born in china, complete fob status. yet i cant use chopsticks if my life depend on it
2. i abuse my friends.
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26 / M / Sonoma, CA. U.S.A.
Posted 4/28/07
1.Alergic to bees.
2.I read with one eye, by choice(like kakashi.)
3.My I.Q. is around 120.
4.I'm Lazy.
5.I love to tell stories.
6.I love sunsets.
7.I'm funny.
8.I once had a demon friend named Malcom
9.My eye sight sucks.
10. I'm shy in real life.
11.Because of puberty I can't go 10 seconds without thinking of a girls p****.
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25 / F / Forks.
Posted 4/29/07
1. I'm pure asian. <3
2. I'm smart [sometimes] and some people call me a nerd while others call me a player. ;)
3. Math is my strength. [come on ... 99 as my average!]
4. I like playing cards.
5. I like vampires and find them sexy.
6. I like romantic movies/dramas/books/whatever. <3
7. I'm pretty lazy sometimes.
8. I do flyers. o.O
9. I Love summer. <333
10. I Love smoothies and bubble tea!

Of course theres way more but I don't feel like listing them all. *yawn*
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