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Random Facts About Yourself
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23 / F / New Jersey
Posted 6/21/07
1. I'm Chinese
2. I speak Mandarin
3. I have crushes mostly on Indian guys
4. I have glasses
5. I can't wait for summer camp!
6. I'm going to Taiwan in a month or so
7. I don't talk much; prefer typing
8. My bad luck number is 8
9. My good luck number is 9
10. I rented two movies at Blockbuster yesterday
11. I'm listening to Fourth Avenue Cafe by L'Arc~en~ciel right now
12. Now my iPod changed the song to The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage by Panic! At the Disco
13. I applied for a Forum and Media Mod yesterday
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F / Texas
Posted 6/21/07

butter3 wrote:

kuritsutaru-chan wrote:

i love Lolita!
i think asians are hot!
im nigerian
im a virgo
love to be different
addicted to the internet
i have horrible vision
i love cheescake
im scared of clowns
yea thats about all i can give ya ^^

i think asians are hot too i knew i forgot somthin on my list

lol! haha! i alwayz mention that when i meet people ^^
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24 / M / Palm Beach, Florida
Posted 6/21/07
1. I can't swim
2. I have a fetish for ass
3. I don't wear glasses even though I need them
4. I have a system for ignoring girls that flirt with me only to make them stay around longer.
5. I love to make my non-African-American friends fell really awkward when they say anything that could be remotely racist when they didn't mean it or do it intentionally
ex. Mitch[White friend] says: I know how to tie a lynch [knot used for hanging] [also used to hang some African-Americans]
Antoine[ Me who is black] says: oh, oh, so what? You going hang some black people Mitch, Huh, you going to hang me? [then I bust out laughing and tell him I'm j/k]
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F / away from CR, mov...
Posted 6/21/07
1. i love anime and manga
2. im chinese
3. im 14
4. i love reading (no not a nerd)
5. i LOVE chocolate!
6. anything else, just add me and ask ^_^
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24 / M / I live on dranoka...
Posted 6/21/07
1. I Rock!
2. I'm better than you!
3. I once saved 6 elves from a burning building!
4. I am currently typing.
5. # Iv'e Got The Power!
6. I once
7. I once caught a bomb with my toes and survived!
8. You are reading this sentence! See I'm psykick! (if that's spelled right)
9. # I want to sex you up! (dances) # I want to sex you up! (if you're female lol)
10. Omg! You're made it up to #10! Congratulations! Have a cookie
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38 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 6/21/07
I have an irrational fear of commitment.
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34 / M / Charlotte, NC
Posted 6/21/07
Love is my reason for doing most things, Its overrated.
I do what i have to instead of what I want to, tho that statement is subjective in itself
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35 / M / San Diego
Posted 6/21/07
1) I hate anchovies
2) I watch Ghost Hunters
3) I watch Painkiller Jane
4) I can watch the news and still have no clue what's going on in the world
5) I really only listen to j-pop all the time
6) Addicted to Pocky
7) Enjoy reading Anita Blake vampire hunter novels by Laurel K Hamilton
8) Not really able to feel pain. (sliced my foot really well and didn't feel a thing until it started healing and the itching began)
9) I'm adopted
10) I LOVE jalapenos and pretty much any spicy food.
11) I've done hot sauce shots (if ya wanna know ask me)
12) Can't drink alcohol because it upsets my stomach (it sucks cuz it only takes 1/2 a shot to do that)
13) Born on a Friday the 13th
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28 / M / Canada
Posted 6/21/07
1. i love to read
2. i like poems
3. i love the dark
4. i love to cook
5. last but not least, i love my friends
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32 / F / SiiN CiiTy
Posted 6/21/07
> i`m moody
> i collect make-ups and i like to put on make-up on my sister
> i hate being forced
> my friends say that i am very demading and bossy lol
> i mean what i say
> i love going out with friends and family
> i hang out in karaoke bars or in the mall
> i baby sit my little cousins and nephews for FREE !
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26 / F
Posted 6/21/07
Ehh. Let's see...

1. I daydream... alot.
2. I hate when things aren't clean or in order, yet my room is always a mess.
3. I hate it when people whine, or complain.
4. I ONLY like green apples.
5. I can read pretty fast. I can usually finish a large book like Harry Potter in a day.
6. I'll eat almost anything with BBQ sauce - when I was little it use to be ketchup.
7. I love to draw/sketch/doodle on my notebooks durring class.
8. When watching TV, I get into this state of mind where my focus is only on the show I'm watching - and there is no way in hell you will be able to get my attention, unless the TV is shut off or you wait for a commercial.
9. I like being home alone.
10. I don't like/drink soda.

I could go on, but think that's enough..
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F / ಌNYC, the BIG APPLEಌ
Posted 6/21/07
1.korean freak
2.I like msuic a girl
4.i sleep late in weekends and wake up late
5.Love to spend my time with my computer!
6.i love rice?
7.i'm asian
8.I love nature but i don't spend my time outside...
9.I love chocolate!
10.i wanted to goto korea!

lot to say but so far its pretty much it...
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28 / M
Posted 6/21/07
all my friends call me kitty
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31 / F / Houston, TX
Posted 6/21/07
i was born and raised in the Philippines, moved to the US when I was 10.
i'm musically and artistically inclined. i tend to be very creative.
i love history, politics, philosophy and theology
i also love all of the branches of science; mainly anatomy, archaeology, astronomy and geology.
i can read music very well and can sightread with ease and accuracy.
i have a german shepherd/chow mix named Chewy (derived from chewbacca)
i grew up on anime and live action series.
i'm a pessimistic optimist.
i'm pretty tall for an Asian/Pac Islander/Filipina/Female.
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27 / F / cali
Posted 6/21/07
1. im bore
2. i like dancing
3. i sleep almost everyday in the summer time
4. i like typing
5. favorite sport is volleyball
6. love watching dramas
7. im a net freak
8. i like taking pictures
9. i hate summer[it's hot!!]
10. i love my frends espiecially anabel♥
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