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Random Facts About Yourself
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25 / M
Posted 6/22/07
1) I love to sleep late
2) I take kosho
3) I have 2 cats. one is cute, the other is evil!
4) I don't eat at McDonalds
Posted 6/22/07
Here's some more ^^

1- I don't like wearing socks but I still buy them just for the pretty colours and patterns
2- When I'm severely bored I like to play noughts and crosses and tic tac toe one in a row with myself - and yes I love the fact that I always win! ^^
3- I don't like wearing scarfs or tight jewellery around my neck -> fear that I'll get strangled -> my fear of death
4- I regularly re-draw the hopscotch game that I drew in my back garden
5- I love the smell of new books - bookshops are one of my favourite haunts.
6- I don't like wearing layers - even in very cold weather [and we get out fair share up in Scotland here!] I wear maximum of 2 layers [ie top and jacket] maybe 3 at a push.
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26 / M / ..where the trees...
Posted 6/22/07
1. I'm straight
2.I love music, girls and martial arts!
3.Like makin' new friends
3.can run 200feet in 8,2sec and run over 7m straight blond :P
5.Just bought a new guitar nature and nightsky eating meat XD
8.I change my avatars very often and go shopping often
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25 / F / Arkansas
Posted 6/22/07
1) I don't like eating at any fast-food restaurants except Arby's.
2) People think I'm innocent, but I'm really not.
3) I was born in a car.
4) I used to cry over everything.
5) I love violence.
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33 / M / manila
Posted 6/22/07
1. i hate novels
2. i hate drama.....makes me fell like hell
3. i hate naive person......
4. i hate eating porks....
5. and most of all i hate without a friend like you
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 6/22/07
one. sometimes i put on a stupid voice to scare people
two. i cant run for more than 1 minute
three. i dress in different styles, prep, punk, ghetto, nerdy
four. i have many different laughs
five. love food. too much
six. i dance around like a fool
seven. i''m use to people saying 'shes hot on the outside, but her personality brings everything else down'
eight. this is because.. i like to have too much fun. >:[
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F / I wonder...
Posted 6/22/07
1.enjoy anime and manga
2.hates people
3.doesn't like to spend too much time sleeping
4.loves to write stories
5.usually listens to J-Pop more than anything else
6.a terrible student
7. a daydreamer
8. had a puppy, kitten, goldfish, turtle, and parakeets
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27 / F / under a rock
Posted 6/22/07
I just ate a bowl of cereal and only realized the milk was sour after I finished
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29 / F
Posted 6/22/07
I'm afraid of answering the phone.
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33 / M
Posted 6/22/07
got 11.6% body fat
sweaty profusely when i eat spicy food
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M / England
Posted 6/22/07
1)I hate mushrooms
2) I always eat the biscuit, then the inside with bourbons.
3) I'm a freak.
4) I was eating paper about 10 mins ago.
5) I get confused VERY easily.
6) I lose my keys at least 2 times a week
7) I love mushroom clouds.. i want one to come out of my pc every time it crashes :P
8) Why does stuff which says loading, still say it when its broken and not actually loading anything..? it annoys me so much.
9) I wanna bikkit
10) I am writing a load of crap atm ^
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25 / M / somewhere
Posted 6/22/07
1) i'm afraid of heights
2)i hate losing money
3) my favorite color is blue
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Posted 6/22/07

lokita wrote:

I forget what I wrote before. Yay.

1. I'm a lefty & that leads me to believe that I'm special and above right-handed people.
2. I've been wearing glasses since a few months before my second birthday. :3
3. My hair hasn't been it's original hair color in seven years.
4. I've always been the shortest & youngest in school. And I loved it.
5. I consider myself to be a princess. :)
6. Mommy & Daddy love me the most out of their children because I'm a good child that doesn't do stupid shit like shoplifting & getting arrested.
7. At times I can be one conceited mofo.
8. I'm related to royalty (on Mommy's side).
9. My ancestors (on Daddy's side) founded Edinburgh, Scotland.
10. I taught myself to read right after my third birthday.
11. I absolutely cannot lie to my parents, nor have I ever wanted to.
12. Since I was four I've known what I wanted to do with my life.
13. I refer to Percy Weasley as my Dearest. <3~
14. I hate pizza, chocolate, & those damn Swedish fish.

15. My eyes are two different colors: one is green while the other is brown. However, when I was first born, they were grey. Also, if I wear pink/have pink hair, my eyes look grey.
16. My all-time favorite movie is The Road to El Dorado.
17. Edgar Allan Poe is my greatest influence.
18. I am extremely interested in religion - all forms of it.
19. I am terribly allergic to pretty much any type of metal. The only thing I can wear that doesn't cause me to break out is platinum. Even the buttons on my jeans cause my skin to break out.
20. I rarely had to do homework in high school and for the times I did have to do it, I was able to turn it in weeks late and still receive full credit. My teachers adored me.
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30 / M / The phailsauce th...
Posted 6/22/07
1) I'm normally right-handed, but when it comes to firearms and other physical activity, I'm a southpaw.
2) I'm just another example of a "mecha mental case": Nothing seems more fun than hopping in a Laz Angriff (SRT A and OG2) and blasting everything to kingdom come with the Linear Missile Launcher and F-Solid Cannon.
3) *Is currently addicted to Tabasco sauce* I can't picture myself eating eggs without Tabasco sauce ever again!
4) Whenever I create a mech design that has some sort of Gatling Cannon, it's ALWAYS on the left arm. Insert Heavyarms Syndrome jokes here ->
5) Sometimes, I pass myself off as an 80% Certified "Quasai-loonie".
6) I actually consider rating rabbits a wacky form of cannibalism since I was born under the sign of the rabbit.
7) I LOVE casino-related stuff: Slot Machines, Roulette tables, Texas Hold' Em Sets, and of course, the sound of coins coming out of the slot machines! JACKPOT!!! (Yes, I have a fully operational casino-grade slot machine in my house)
8) I've been shooting crossbows in my backyard since I was 14...and in Brooklyn, NY too!
9) As a counterpoint to #6, I am one helluva carnivore: Beef? Chicken? Pork? You name it! (Especially roast leg of lamb w/ mint jelly!) That doesn't mean I skimp on veggies: I know they're important, that's why I eat those too.
10) Actually believes that capitalism can be vastly improved on if it were based on fufilling each others needs: The profits are, IMO, just rewards for fufilling your end of the bargain.
Posted 6/22/07
- I'm a jinx. I'm bad when picking a number.
- I never have training or lessons playing any musical instruments. I can only play an alphabet song in a piano. But I have good sense of rhythm when beating the drums.
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