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Random Facts About Yourself
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38 / F / Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Posted 7/2/07
I love the moss that grows in forests.
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Posted 7/2/07
~ I have an obsession with dying & cutting hair
~ I want to be a tattoo artist
~ I hate the feeling of newspaper
~ Butterflys scare the shit out of me
~ I want a nipple piercing
~ I'm hella short
~ I take too many pictures
~ The sound of people cracking their knuckles makes me cringe
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28 / M / Chicago
Posted 7/3/07
I FKING hate the sounds of scratching nails or anything similiar to it.. They give me the goosebumps for some odd reason.
Posted 7/3/07
I once saw a rabbit that looked like Michael Jackson.

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27 / M / Singapore
Posted 7/3/07
1.I cant eat at night during school nights.
2.Buying pc games yet not playing them.
3.I like cheese.
4.Own 2 cats 1 turtle 4 hamster 2 chinchilla currently.
5.Used to own 6 cats 2 turtles 6 hamster 7 chinchilla 4 birds 12 fishes
6.Likes racing and fps and mmorpg game.
7.likes metal genre of music.
8.Can't look people in the eyes.
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Posted 7/3/07
The Kumbaya song creeps me out.
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27 / F / New York City
Posted 7/3/07
10 random facts about me.

1. I have an OCD of brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day.
2. I own a xbox but I never give out my gamertag.
3. I'm addicted to guitar hero.
4. I eat more than 3 meals a day and yet I'm not fat.
5. My mood swings = </3
6. I had my tongue pierced. xD
7. I love using photoshop.
8. I want to be in broadway one day, yes that means I love acting and singing. I prefer singing.
9. I get into a rpg game within 10 minutes.
10. I can't pronounce sushi it sounds like shushi when I say it. :]

more friends please? :[
I feel like chatting with someone here.
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30 / M / Jakarta
Posted 7/3/07
1. i love my desktop and laptop... (i miss singapore when i'm in indonesia because i miss my desktop! lol)
2. i cant live without internet...
3. i can understand 7 different languages... lol... 4 [write/read/speak/hear] 3[only hear/speak]
4. i dont like sms... i'll just call people who sms me.. rather that reply them.. lol,,
5. i have a house under my name...
6. i have hundred over ORIGINAL VCD/DVD/CD...
7. i have a car [KIA Carnival... my father give me...]
8. can cook
9. can sing well
10. i slept no longer than 8 hours...
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31 / F / Houston, TX
Posted 7/3/07
i have ovaries
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Posted 7/3/07
1) anime and jdrama adict
2) currenly learning japanese in high school
3) i can cook noddlezx
4) and most of al im an easy person to talk to
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32 / M / Szczecin, Poland
Posted 7/8/07
1. I love The Cure.
2. I always make myself a cup of coffee after getting up.
3. I smoke cigaretes and can't stop it.
4. I am very lazy and need someone to force me to do anything.
5. I started making my driving license 4 years ago and still don't have it ;)
6. I feel lonely though many ppl are 'round me.
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24 / F
Posted 7/8/07 very slow and dont noe how i got n2 IB.....
2.i laugh at the cheesist shit
3.spirits scare the shit out of me!!!!(seriously)
4.i had LOTS of pets but most of them died or ran away.....
5.i get easily excited. ex. give me a piece of chocolate and i will most likely jump up and down screaming thank you or hugging u
6. i dont like taking things fr ppl.... even if they r giving it 2 me 4 my bday...
7.i love hearing ppl making animal sounds!
8.ill probably kill u if u wake me up..... i love sleeping!
9.ill burst out laughing out of nowhere fr something that happened months ago..
10.i LOVE kids! ill babysit 4 anybody any day! (4 free of course!)
11. i LOVE reading books... would choose it over playing a game with my cousins.... scared of ALL moving things
13.i have random emo/mute days....( just feel like having them)
14.i planned out my funeral already...
15.i already noe high school is going 2 suck 4 me........
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22 / F / behind Sephy.. hi...
Posted 7/8/07
1. used to be a coffee addict but it hurts my wallet so i stopped
2. love sleeping but sleeps less than 5 hours a day
3. babbles a lot most of the time
4. obviously likes Sephiroth
5. loves cats better than dogs but has 3 dogs at home
6. loves to eat spicy and sweet food
7. weird coz my lucky number's are 13. i really get lucky with that number
8. haagen dazs fanatic
9. i love shows with bloodbath.. and of course comedy
10. i'm not really 12.. lol^^,
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38 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 7/8/07

Xrn_the_Nigma wrote:

flippizzle wrote:

i have ovaries

So do I, so do I...

Really? Last i checked, men don't have ovaries.
unless there's something you want to tell us all.....
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26 / F / united states
Posted 7/8/07
I'm never on time.
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