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Random Facts About Yourself
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29 / M / Brentwood, Califo...
Posted 7/8/07
I like eating sushi outside in the rain with lots of wasabi covered all over me
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Posted 7/8/07
I have cravings for oysters when I'm drunk.
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31 / M / MY HAPPY PLACE -...
Posted 7/8/07
1. Im a crazy driver (back off ppl)
2. I can eat a ton of spaghetti and not feel full.
3. I like girls that can beat up guys (dont know y)
4. Im lazy at home, but super active outside.
5. Im cheap when it comes to almost everything,
6. I spend too much money on anything that catches my eye.
7. I daydream even when im driving.
8. Hospital makes me feel uneasy and just cant sit tight.
9. Ppl think i flirt a lot even though i dont like to flirt.
10. I cant have enough dark chocolate.
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23 / F / New Jersey
Posted 7/8/07
1. I hate chocolate but I love to eat it. o.O
2. My desk is really messy.
3. I cut my bangs last week by myself because ''I felt like it''
4. I love staying up all night on the forums
5. I like to draw on my mousepad
6. I keep about three soda cans on my desk everyday
7. I always start typing stories, but I never finish them.
8. I drool a lot at random times
9. I love the smell of white-out. XD
10. I love watching Chinese game shows.
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30 / M / Vienna
Posted 7/8/07
i can smoke 46 cigarettes a day, if i want.
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38 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 7/8/07
Posted 7/8/07
1. i am bilingual.
2. almost went downtown for having an open knife outside my house.
3. i have perfect vision.
4. i like politics.
5. i can drive, sail, row, motorboat, canoe and kayak. will learn to fly someday.
6. i own many knives.
7. i own many lighters.
8. i own many violent games
9. i despise hippies, treehuggers and drugs.
10. i like to go really fast when i drive, like way too fast.
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29 / M / Somewhere in NY
Posted 7/8/07
1-been diagnosed as insomniac in 4th grade
2-sleep with fan on since 4th grade
3-im a video game freak
4-drove my first corvette at the age of 10(manual), with the help of my uncle.
5-my first word was f-u, courtesy of my older cousins
6-never broke a bone in my body even though I'm a martial artist
7-dyed my hair 4X. 1st time red and stayed red, 2nd time red turned orange, 3rd time red turned blood red, 4th time red turned purple wtf? first 2X had to bleach my hair
8-can drink unlimited beer and not be buzzed, only liquor buzzes me
9- i caused havoc by throwing fireworks (the chained fireworks) into these woods that was the back yard of some school (i was in middle school back then), i did not know and later i found out that they thought it was some shooting, i was terrified, nothing happened
10-saved a baby bird
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26 / M / new york
Posted 7/8/07
1. im dyslexic
2. i have an insane fear of roller coasters
3 i can do a rubiks cube in 13 seconds
4. i hate walking on grass in bear feet
Posted 7/8/07
♦ I'm trilingual
♦ Very organize
♦ People call me 'smart' though I just do my work
♦ Loves track
♦ ♥'s techno and pop ♫
♦ Hates swimming
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29 / F / Here
Posted 7/8/07
1. Love rock concerts.
2. I can speak two languages fluently
3. My political views are very liberal
4. Use to smoke. Not like insanely though.
5. I can eat Sushi, Tokyo noodles, and Inari everyday
6. Im Latin
7. I like to organize
8. Like to hang with guys better then girls sometimes
9. Like to be in the pool all day
10. Love paintballing! I hella kick ass.

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29 / F / right now in ruff...
Posted 7/8/07
1. i like drama
2. i love sushi
3. i listen to anytype of music
4. i love alcohol like crazy
5. my bf posted above
6. love to hang out
7. love anime
8. going to take jap 101
9. im sophomore at UB
10. im happy right now
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30 / M / Vienna
Posted 7/8/07
i don't like parties.
Posted 7/8/07
1. I like metal
2. I like performing stunts
3. I like pissing of teachers and making fun of random people on yahoo answers
4. I can dislocate my shoulder at will and then pop it back in.
5. I can ignore pain, because I'm just awesome.
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27 / F
Posted 7/8/07
1. I'm black and japanese
2. born and lived in tokyo for 10 yrs
3. heir to kuroneko yamato transport
4. HATE the feeling of dry wood (chopsticks hav to be plastic)
5. eat a quart of dulce de leche haagën daz icecream every week
6. Pianist - can't read music sheets just learn by ear
7. im a bit of an introvert
8. that explains why im a model but ive never had a boyfriend
9. im a baglady - keep everything !!!! (even things from kindergarten and on ...)
10. dont eat fruits
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