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Random Facts About Yourself
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29 / M / ninja mode
Posted 7/11/07

SeraphAlford wrote:

I was banned from Canada

how does an individual get banned from a nation?

1. 6,6 right handed
2. love women
3. intelligent
4. humble
5. can be lazy
6. boredom puts me to sleep
7. love both food, and sleep.
8. working on several different ideas for novels.

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23 / M / at Home
Posted 7/11/07
1. likes running in a wheel
2. likes sunflower seed
3. helped take down sniper kitty
4. was a pet 2wice
5. likes to roll around
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28 / M / england
Posted 7/11/07
1. i am left handed
2. my nick is muoi which means 10 refers to the 10th child as me
3. i like chicken
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F / Land of Promise
Posted 7/11/07
i love nail polish.
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77 / M / in and around you...
Posted 7/11/07
hmmm i have so much shit i can post here, but i'm kinda lazy =0, so i'll put down 10 =D

1. i tend to procrastinate and waste alot of time thinking about doing things but never getting around to it
2. i wrested for 4 years and i actually like the sport now that i'm done
3. i love music, i always carry around an ipod
4. i tend to be awake at night and asleep during the day (probably because of school)
5. i love beef jerky, thank god for cows
6. i like to mock people
7. i hate tall people that are skinny
8. i try to find time to lift, gotta stay ripped for the college girls =D
9. i'm really layback in back in real life and my friends find me funny
10. i hate snobby kids especially if they dont know they're being snobby
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24 / F / ♡ ('')' )~
Posted 7/11/07
I want to be a bird/butterfly/bunny. Depends. I'm so kid like, wanting to be animals. But that's something about me. I'll post later with some other things about me.
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23 / F / LA
Posted 7/11/07
2. I have wierd interests
3. My tongue tastes sour >.<
4. Im vacationing in China
6. I hate hot dogs.
7. My toe nails are long o.O
8. Im a very wierd person
9. Im freakishly tall
11. Down with monkeys.
Posted 7/11/07
10 facts about me :)

1) I love hot chocolates topped with cream. Give me one and I'll do whatever you want! ^^
2) I bite the inside of my cheek when I'm bored.
3) I laugh at random times (usually when it's quiet or during a test or something..)
4) I sing along to the corny songs on adverts XD
5) Never broken a bone in my body and never thrown up
6) I have a phobia of moths
7) I hate marmite!!

Can't think of others right now...
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28 / M / England
Posted 7/11/07
1. i havn't been ill for over 7 years, i am immune!
2. i like to start fires with a magnifying glass
Posted 7/11/07
1. I take 3-4 showers a day
2. Really a neat freak
3. Love being Lao
4 Hell, I speak Lao and Thai over English
5. I rock that riced out civic
6. I don't talk to any of my ex'es

uhhh no more randomnesss
Posted 7/11/07
sigh this shows how much i`m bored.

1) I`m half French & half Vietnamese
2) I play piano, & a lil bit of drums, guitar, flute, & accordion, but i quit those
3) i really hate most girls (at my school)
4) I like to flirt a lot
5) i`m really random
6) I sing too much
7) two words: hygiene freak
8) i love love love music <3
9) i have a super stressful life
10) I cry too much when i`m alone

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22 / F / singapore
Posted 7/11/07 parents are divorced
#2.i'm the youngest in my whole family
#3.hates vegetables.
#4.loves animes,totally adore them~
#5.hates exams
#6.wants to go to japan
#7.loves music
#8.i want to feel needed!
#9.wanna be embraced...
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25 / F
Posted 7/11/07
1. I'm married to my computer
2. I brainwash my sis with my music xD
3. I'm in love with black and blood-red
4. on internet they wanna kill me bcuz I talk too much
5. in real life they wanna kill me bcuz im too quiet
6. I hate sigarettes
7. I'm christian ^^
8. I like to design
9. reading? wha? what's that? =P
10. always cool drawings next or under my eye

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23 / F / the square
Posted 7/11/07
1. i love diffrent kinds of music (except country)
2. im irish and german
3. i really like to read
4. i like it when it rains
5. im left handed
6. my name means moon and to elope -__-
7. i can be really sarcastic sometimes (which gets me into trouble sometimes)
8. i get really scared easily
9. i wait till the last minute to finish school projects ^_^'
10. and finally im really bored right now T.T
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26 / F / tralalala
Posted 7/11/07
i once put lemon on my eyes jus to kno how it feels to be peppersprayed
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