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Random Facts About Yourself
Posted 7/17/07
1. I am a person
2. I've memorized like all the lines of Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon
3. Pandas give me nightmares
4. I hate pandas
5. I think pandas are fat, lazy bastards
6. I hope all pandas go to hell
7. I'm smart
8. I'm stupid
9. I'm a lesbian
10. I'm a christian
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25 / F / California
Posted 7/17/07
1. I'm obsessed with brands like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacob, Channel, Dior, Prada.... but I hate Fendi's design.
2. I can watch a 20 episode drama in two days.... actually watching not skimming.
3. I did a 320 research paper the night before it was due.... and I got a perfect score.
4. I have a walk in closet that you can't walk into because of the mess.
5. I'm a daddy's girl.
6. I can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hookein.
7. I've been to Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and I live in North America.
8. My dad bought me a new laptop for no good reason a month ago.
9. I can whine and pout my way into getting most things I want from my parents. 10. I still didn't read Troy and Till We Have Faces yet for my summer reading.
11. Some say I'm smart.
12. Some say I'm lazy.
13. Some say I'm too controlling and I have an anger problem.
14. I current obsess is Raymond Lam.... I've seen all the dramas he's made that came out already.
15. I'm currently watching My Lucky Star, On the First Beat, and The Drive of Life.
16. I get a mandicure and peticure at least twice a month.
17. I use only use make up form Lancome.
Posted 9/3/07
- i dig movies about time traveling
- i hate the heat
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Posted 9/4/07
my 1st time playing hockey i got hit in the head twice
my hair used to be blonde
twitches r funny
1st eva fight was over a carrot stick and a milk box
i used to use glue as hair gel
i caused a crash when i droped a rock off a bridge n it hit a car (4yrs old)
Posted 9/4/07

ummmmm.... lemmie see...

1) I don't like cake that much ¬_¬;; or anything TOO sweet... it makes me gag when I see all the sugary goodness >_<
2) I seem really perverted on CR... but if you saw me in real life... I guess you wouldn't know it ⌐_⌐;; unless you knew me of course >:3
3) I'm pretty good at Super Smash Bros... though my skill is lacking in the original because I just haven't played it in a long time... I'm looking forward to the new one for the Wii though :3
4) I used the last statement in an "about me" paper for English today...
5) I got smooshed trying to open my dresser once when I was 4... I pulled the top one out and the whole thing collapsed on me...
6) I once got a gold medal in tae kwon do for sparring because I was mismatched with a much taller, heavier girl =_= (yeah yeah... I got my ass handed to me... but I was only 54 pounds... and she was like... 90 o_O... I'M not even 90 pounds yet >_<)

and.... thass all I can think of right now :3

*goes back to lurk mode*
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28 / M
Posted 9/4/07
1. Love to go fishing during summer vacation
2. I am a heavy sleeper, I use three alarm clocks to wake me up
3. Can't say my R's
4. Played with fire a lot when I was little
5. Very quiet in real life
6. Love turtles and hamsters
7. Can't go anywhere without my mp3 player or headset
8. Asian girls are cute, very
9. Loves cajun/spicy food
10. I'm a coffee person
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31 / F / Houston, TX
Posted 9/4/07
i love victoria secret supersexy pushup bra
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78 / M / Truth or Conseque...
Posted 9/4/07
I love to fishing.

I love to grappling.

I like to take a nap.
Posted 9/4/07

flippizzle wrote:

i love victoria secret supersexy pushup bra

oh? prove it.

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Posted 9/4/07
doesn't drink soda
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M / hong kong to Sing...
Posted 9/4/07
1.smoke underage(not sure if apply at all place)
2.drink underage(same as ^)
3.have alot of friends ,so many that people start talking to me on the street i dunnoe who the fish are they
4.loves love arts & pierceing
5.have nth in the whole world but only self-confidence to slack
7.i do whatever people dun do
8.i love the feel of pierceing
9.have 2 pierceing
10.out of 10 time i go out i will wear cap for 8 time =D
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31 / F / US
Posted 9/4/07
the hot weather
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Posted 9/4/07
1. I'm cordial for the most part but I can argue & son you in a minute. =]
-though i think arguing over the computer is useless, so this stands mostly offline
2. Viatamin & Regular water > any other beverage. Flat out.
3. I'm deciding on becoming a Tattoo artist, a Chef or a Graphic Designer. I'm torn.
4. I take millions of photos, but only a quarter end up online or for display.
5. im a perfectionist but I show no signs whatsoever of it hahaaa so im more so one at heart.
6. im scared of getting old -.-
7. im more of an "upfront" type of person when it comes to things.
8. texting > phonecalls, easily.
9. my mind is suddenly blank =\
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78 / M
Posted 9/4/07
a accidently murder my best friend
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26 / M / Australia
Posted 9/4/07
i can eat: fried pig's head, casseroled frog's legs, ox's tongue, casseroled pig's blood jelly , and many more!
i always sleep with an electric fan and heater both turn on.
i collect musics all around the world.
i can eat ketchup on any meat cooking.
i can do 200 situps in 5 minutes
i love winter
i have a REAL frog-skin wallet, complete with a head and hands.
i scare every teacher i see using that wallet.
i have never hated a person in more than 1 month (except one)
i have spent more than 20 minutes on typing this.
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