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Random Facts About Yourself
Posted 3/24/12
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27 / F / Somewhere over th...
Posted 3/31/12

My Favorite animal is a Panda Bear
I hate to drink water
I am 5 feet and 3/4 of an inch but i lie and say im 5'1
I hate being cold
I'd rather call people than text them (its more personal)
I love purple things!
I love animals
I don't like scary movies/shows
I hate playing sports
I'm lactose intolerant but i LOVE dairy products!!! oooo the forbidden "fruit" lol...
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24 / F / Your Cookie Jar
Posted 3/31/12
Sometimes when I smile, it means I'm nervous or scared :0

When I walk to school, I daydream about random stuff and have a goofy grin on my face... so I cover it up with my hand or by the sleeve of my jacket

I'm deadly afraid of bees, I never been stung but I still am ^^' hehehh

I envy sincere nice people, it makes me think how selfish I am D'= and how I should be better ^o^

My sense of humor can be dark.. my dad would say to me, "you have a black heart" =P hehe

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28 / Naked in a pine tree
Posted 3/31/12
This is like my 4th account here.
Posted 3/31/12
I need to take a shit, but I am scared of the dark.
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22 / F / USA
Posted 4/1/12
1. I live off lattes.
2. I might stop functioning all together if an electronic of mine doesn't work.
3. I'm a neat-freak.
4. I watch a lot of cartoons.
5. The only things I can make are easy mac and ramen.
Posted 4/1/12
I'm a bitch.
Posted 4/1/12
I have celiac disease.
My favorite color is green.
My favorite video game series is Fire Emblem.
My favorite TV show of all time is Firefly.
I'm really short.
My right knee literally aches all the time, though sometimes it's very mild.
I keep my glasses in my car because I only wear them while I'm driving.
I'm gathering information for a digital ethnography on this online community.
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F / San Antonio, TX
Posted 4/1/12
1. Hate the word "creepy" because to me, nothing is creepy.
2. Watched my first anime(Sailor Moon&Pokemon) when I was 4-5 years old.
3. Hate the feelings of statues
4. Never had a sloppy joe before
5. Hate the taste of plain coffee
6. Love the feeling of cats
7. Kissed my best friend(she's a girl and so am I) because I was dared to.
8. Scared of heights
9. Am the only child
10. Like gummy bears
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84 / F / Bite the pillow.
Posted 4/1/12
You haven't lived until you've killed your own breakfast.

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23 / F / Baguio, Philippines
Posted 4/1/12
1. i really want to wear cute stuffs but i'm too idle to buy/do it
2. i like playing level-up games
3. i easily fall inlove
4. i wish to be independent
5. my friends are my life
6. i'm addicted to rock music
7. i want to play the piano like an expert
8. i like french fries!
9. i am 4'10.5" tall :DDD
10. i just turned 18
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21 / F / Studying at home.
Posted 4/1/12
Im allergic to my favorite fruit
I am almost blind in my periphrials
I can play more than 10 instruments
I always doodle on my desk
I am curently at an airport
Im eating "rabbit food" (a salad)
I have a job
Posted 4/3/12
I have to work on Easter Sunday
Posted 4/3/12
i dnt like lil kids
ive passed out once but i would like t do it again cuz it was weird
im allergic to cats so therefore i dnt like them much, accept kittens
i can swim really fast but run really slow
i like storms
im brave as hell till it comes to paranormal crap
i think harry potter is stupid
i like australian guys
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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F / Somewhere in ASIA
Posted 4/3/12
I treat and approach people differently depends on their personality and mood
I'm a night person
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