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Random Facts About Yourself
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29 / M / New Jersey
Posted 9/4/07
i am a very slow typer
i can do algebra, calculus, etc. easily but suck at simple addition and multiplication
i feel boredom, slight sadness, dislike but not love, hate, happiness (for longer than a couple of minutes)
i love to read hate to write
i am scared of people but still like to watch them and occasionally be around them
i memorize movies and books the first time but forget most of my life after only seconds
i am a partial perfectionist/obsessive/compulsionist (but can mostly hide it)

edit: it hurts me not to put stuff back where it belongs in grocery stores so please dont just throw stuff where it doesnt belong
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33 / M / San Francisco CA...
Posted 9/4/07
I drink water 8 times a day
I eat Tofu
Im quite a heavy drinker
Im right-handed
my hair grows an inch a month
from skinheaded, I've grown my hair to elbow length
I draw (traditional and digital)
Not an avid TV watcher
I can sing "corazon Espinado" in two languages: English and Espanyol
I can sing the Nazi national anthem but Im not a sympathizer of the third reich
I am electronically Inclined w/c means I fix anything electronic but there are limits in my ability.
Forum addict.
I read the news.
I study History
I spend my bathroom hours reading books
I own 3 pistols: 2 glocks, and a beretta. no bullets
I own a M40A3 sniper rifle with railing system Desert Camo painted (newly bought) BUT no Bullets only for display.
Plans on purchasing an M4 but due to household regulations, I cant.

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29 / F / 2 step's behind y...
Posted 9/4/07

☼ I am lazy....that's what my dad said
☼ I am quiet
☼ I am Christian
☼ I dont like school, but I hate to absent
☼ I am always present
☼ I am responsible
☼ I hate watching movies
☼ I hate to go out
☼ I loved my room
☼ I like to eat
☼ I hate BOYS.....(owssss)
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26 / F / california
Posted 9/4/07

supershirleyx0 wrote:

I want to marry a ninja.

with cool hair, kthnx,

don't we all
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31 / F / NYC
Posted 9/5/07
I'm vegan.
I bite my cat when she bites me.
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32 / Ronald McDonald's...
Posted 9/7/07
1. I can't swim (with my head above the water), but I can as long as it's under the water surface, though that makes me someone who can't swim, because you obviously need to breath.
2. I couldn't tie my shoe laces until I was in third grade, until then after sports classes a friend had to tie my shoes for me
3. I couldn't read a clock until I was in 4th grade ( I seriously sound like a retard now, I know)
4. I learned how to ride a bike in 5th grade >_>
5. I've been told I have no sense of alarm/danger, I'm not sure about that, though
6. When I was a teenager, people often told me I look like a junkie, a teacher of mine called a friend's mother and warned her that I'm a heroine addict
7. I only know very weird doctors, but they are the only ones that I let check on me (my oculist seems to think I'm a little boy)
8. I like to daydream about squeezing fat animals
9. I get very tired of life when I don't get my fix of music, I really couldn't live without music, but I'm picky with what I listen to
10. When I was a child I was more mature than anyone else, now I feel more immature than my peers
11. I love clothes, a great material, cut, design can make me very emotional
12. My friends often do things for me they shouldn't have to do, but I'm lazy in a subtle way, so they don't really notice when they do
13. I make myself seem dumber than I am most of the time, because it's the smart way to go
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28 / M / UK
Posted 9/7/07
I take part in Cockfights... with the cockrel in my back yard, but i swear he starts it everytime i mean its MY garden ffs stop attacking me everytime i go near it!!!
I sleep on a mattress on the floor (my beds broke )
I have a gigantic scar on my right side.
And im left handed. but use a knife and fork right handed
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34 / M / Ireland
Posted 9/7/07
1: I'm ambidextrous (use both hands)
2: At night my iq is 135
3: during the day my iq drops to 90
4: it takes me an average of 3 months to read a book
5: I have 5 socks
6: I can only count to 6, so......
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28 / M / Norcal
Posted 9/7/07
I like cloudy weather
I'll eat hot sauce on anything
I can eat a jar of pickles for lunch
I like to drop dookies at my friends houses
I pick the hair off my fingers when im bored
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26 / M / San Jose, CA
Posted 9/7/07
1. I'm the only human alive more dense than water. I cannot FREAKING SWIM!
2. I have rich relatives, but they don't share the love T_T.
3. I am the world's most dangerous tennis player. So far I think I've cracked at least 3 of my friends' nuts.
4. I have watched 24 episodes of anime in a day before.
5. I have terrible eyesight and astigmatism.
6. Throughout my freshman year in high school I basically drank one 20oz. soda a day.
7. I am racist against every race. Including my own. I can find a fault in every single one.
8. If it's a copyright infringement, I've most likely broken it at least once in the past year.
9. I am 5'11" and 155 lbs.
10. I lecture others on punctuality but I'm never on time myself.
11. I still play Pokemon, I just beat Diamond.
12. In accordance with Pokemon, yes I pay attention to EVs, IVs, HVs, all those complicated things many people don't even know exist.
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Posted 9/8/07
1.i love jrock
2.i wear sweater evryday
3.erm...i hate school
4. i'm babysitting right now
5. i like ice cream
6. nah i like food yummy
7. i have a gay best friend
8. i hate my sis in law
9. i hate being hmong[don't know waht that is too bad]
10. single all my life
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32 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/8/07
i drink cola.. first i put half water on the glass and add the soda...i love cats...
Posted 9/8/07
1. i bit my friends finger when we were graduating.
2. i am a little bit vegetarian
3. i wear this cute glasses when i am outside but when inside i wear these huge ones if you them you'll think i am an alien
4. i like pie!!!!
5. i think that school sucks
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27 / F / B.C. Canada
Posted 9/8/07
1. I get stomach aches nearly everyday :S (should go to a doctor XD)
2. I can't let anyone's hands go anywhere near my neck!
3. Dyed my hair for the first time this summer
4. Stopped watching TV (well, on the actual TV) suddenly one day when I was sooo addicted before XD
5. Always thought it would be cool to brake an arm (Dunno why xD)
6. Never liked Soda (the bubbles hurt my tongue XD)
7. Have been leaning a lot to the side tonight :S I think I'm gonna fall over soon XD
8. Don't like many sweets XD

Haha I sound like such a wimp XD
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30 / F
Posted 9/8/07
1. I am addicted to almost anything
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