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Random Facts About Yourself
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29 / F / IL
Posted 9/8/07
1. I hate black pepper
2. Can't stand the smell of soymilk
3. Make faces without even realizing it >__<
4. talk to myself in my mind sometime ... hahahah like I would ask myself
if I should or not that kind of thing, NOT like having a whole conservation with myself lol
5. loves giving HUGS !
6. Did the FREE HUGS movement in my town <3
7. kills spiders by hair spray and fire, you do the math ^__^
8. have the need to please people
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Posted 9/8/07
1. I am a loner
2. I dont talk much with others unless its on the net
3. I hate noises
4. I think i need help.
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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 9/8/07
1. My personality always change when going to school or going home
2. I like the fruit cherry, but I don't like cherry flavored candy, soda, and etc.
3. I use to have the nicknames "soy sauce" and "boy boy"
4. People say I'm too modest...
5. I don't like chocolate
6. I hate fish
7. I rather eat vegetables than meat
8. My lucky number is 13
9. I hate perverts and anybody similar
Posted 9/8/07
1. I am very friendly in a creepy sorta way.
2. I really don't like school, only to see my friends.
3. I hate it when guys act shy around me.
4. I love it when it rains.
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29 / F / ChocoTown, Oregon
Posted 9/8/07
1. I hate cows, they're so ugly to me... the most ugliest creature
2. I hate cheese
3. I hate milk

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29 / F / a nice place cal...
Posted 9/8/07
1. I can't resist chocolate
2. Always daydreaming about love (I'm pretty romantic !)
3. Always drawing, singing, writing poetry or dreaming strange stories...
4. Live alone and feel lonely
5. Spend all my free time watching anime (it's like a drug)
6. Can't bear my family menbers after two months of holidays with them
7. Can't live 24hours without my computer
8. My place is a mess
9. My head too
10. may I be in love with love ?
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55 / M / Japan *in the nea...
Posted 9/8/07
1.Im a Filipino
2.Hey Say 7 Lover
3. JPop Lover
4.Wcarp Member
6.I like Filipino Japanese and Chinese Foods
7. Filipino @ Nationality But Japanese in Heart...
8. Computer Addict

and many more...
Posted 9/8/07
1. always bored.....ALWAYS
2. luv coke, its bcome like a drug
3.for me the internet always has interesting things 2 do wen im meant 2 be doing something else like housework or homework
4. school slowly kills the kid inside of me
5. I drink like its my last day on earth.....everyday
6. im thai...where the hell have all the thai people gone 2 on this site
7. im constantly looking for something i cant find....and i have no fricking idea what tht is
8. im constantly worrying about what will happen in the future
9. im always up for something new...unless its rely wierd
10. im sorry for wasting like 2 minutes of ur time

thnks for reading, peace out
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F / Johnny and the JE...
Posted 9/8/07
I eat kids for breakfast!!

And no, i'm haven't attained the MICHAEL JACKSON status yet...

Haha, kidding aside, I love Gay men more than real men.
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24 / F / maryland, US
Posted 9/8/07
haha no one drinks soda anymore .. me too >< it taste odd and unhealthy to me
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26 / F / Under your comput...
Posted 9/8/07
1. i hate coffee but i love tea always late or too
3. i play little quitar..
4. i like when it's raining
5. im really shy
6. i hate cleaning my room
7. im good at cooking
8. i drink tea a LOT
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F / あなたのベッド
Posted 9/8/07
i like greenbeans
i hate hot and humid weather but its always like that where i live.
i love anime which is pretty obvious
but manga is better lol
i moved lol
my friends and i are weird people who joke about being cats...yea i dont know lol

sigh you dont care about this stuff do you lol>?
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F / Under your bed.
Posted 9/8/07
I can bend my index and little finger all the back on my left hand.
Same for my toes but on the right foot.
I'm anti-social.
People don't like me cuz I'm "different"
I like watching baby shows.
I love taking medicine.
I don't like bras.
I can lift my legs over my head.
I can do feet stands.
I sleep better while listening to music.
The noise of a vacuum cleaner makes me sleepy and warm inside.
I sleep with my arms behind my back.
I can sleep through nearly anything.
Posted 9/8/07
-Computer addict-
-Prolly in love with love-
-Absurdly lazy-
-Lies a lot-
Posted 9/8/07
i like to be diffrent then from normal people !!!!!
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