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Random Facts About Yourself
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35 / M / New York, US
Posted 10/7/12
-Ive been in a few riots.
-Ive seen people die.
-Ive been able to give entire presentations/speeches without any preparation whatsoever.
-ive been able to dive at least 10 meters deep (in my late teens)
-Ive been hit in the head/face with the following objects: An opened can of mace, a gas grenade, a flaming soccer ball, a rock the size of a baseball.
-Ive...displaced my arm; its like breaking it it, only your arm ends below your elbow; lets say i took a big fall as a teen once.
-Ive been able to swim with live sea lions/seals and pink dolphins.
-Ive been bitten by a bullet ant (worse insect bite ever)
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31 / M / Atlanta
Posted 10/7/12
-Have a few American Records in lifting
-Had a bodyweight fluctuation of 51 lbs in 30 hours
-Have been resuscitated
-Played in musical world premier of Lord of the Rings
-Grey hair that comes from coaching kids at the young age of 26
-I can only put my car temperature on Low, 60, 65, 68, 72, 75, 78, High
-Volume can only be put on 5,10,15,16,20,24,25 (my two OCD tendencies)
-I can drink a pot of coffee and go to bed
Posted 10/8/12
I haven't thrown up in seven years.
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23 / F / Sacramento, Ca
Posted 10/11/12
1. I'm in an interracial relationship
2. I love sushi
3. I use to read atleast 20-30 mangas a day
4. I listen to music constantly
5. I can eat a whole bag of chips in a matter of minutes. (the big bags)
6. I have a bad habit of biting my nails
7. I have a skin deformality.
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22 / F / Louisiana
Posted 10/11/12

-i love Jesus
-Water is nasty so I always use crystal light
-i rarely finish activities(games,drawing,reading,inventing,instruments,etc etc)
-I still believe me and Derrick Rose will get married :P
-I sleep till 2pm
-I hate spaghetti
-I always have headphones in my ear even if nothing is playing
-favorite color is a type of dark red
-if you bring food to my house be expected to give me half
-I hate roaches,spiders,wasps,and bees(they are my enemy)
-I don't drink or smoke, tried drinking vodka,beer and it all taste like nasty cough syrup.
-my favorite soda is Dr Pepper
-A cat bit me on my left arm leaving a cute little mark between those two bones(?) xD
So now I don't want cats to be around me....unless its a kitty
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19 / M / The Sarlacc Pit
Posted 10/12/12
1. I have only said "Look it" once in my entire life.
2. I only like reading when I don't need to.
3. I have freckles on my genitals.
4. My favorite writer is Orson Scott Card
5. I have read the book Ender's Game 6 times.
6. I think fedoras are the pinnacle of class.
7. I once took a year and a half of karate.
8. My favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.
9. I am just realizing that I am super boring.
10. I own a gasmask.
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28 / Ruins of Vina
Posted 10/12/12 , edited 10/12/12
1. Sometimes I sleep for days when moody. Don't want to do anything but.
2. I'm yours if you give me strawberries or peaches and cream.
3. I'mma super reclusive and only go outside at least once a month.
4. No i'm not pasty because of it.
5. I play acoustic guitar and piano.
6. Still has Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
7. Recently joined the Persona fandom.
8. Writing rhymes is one of my past times. Yo.
9. I draw. You'd never guess what though~
10. I don't like taking orders. ><
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23 / M / los angeles
Posted 10/12/12
1) im the only vegetarian in my family *sigh*
2) i hate it when food touches each other, except when i do it intentionally
3) i hate waiting a whole week for a new episode and then i find out it was delayed 1 more week
4) hate my animation/ character design class
5) i love to cook
6) favorite food in the whole world is veggie burgers, but it depends where you buy them cause some taste nasty
7) loathe tofu in most places
8) like all sports except for golf
9) my screen name is based on my favorite soccer team "juventus" the rest is random letters

enough about me? i wonder is there anyone who i have something in common with?
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23 / M / los angeles
Posted 10/12/12

peaches and cream? ... sounds interesting

i'm taking a guess and saying that you draw anime?
Queen of Support
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Posted 10/12/12
I love to wear socks in my bedroom during winter.
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Posted 10/12/12
*scribbles in notebook*
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30 / M / Gotham City
Posted 10/13/12
Every year it just seems I get more and more lactose-intolerant. I used to drink tons of milk as a teen, nowadays, a glass of dairy per day is about all I'll drink.
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24 / M / Urbana
Posted 10/13/12
1. I am Computer Scientist
2. I like Asian girls
3. I read manga and watch anime on study breaks.
4. I currently bored.
5. Currently in a University
6. I party hard!
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26 / F / Florida
Posted 10/13/12
- I love herbal teas
- I use honey instead of sugar
- I need several alarms to wake up on time
- I listen to Russian Romantic-era music for inspiration in all forms
- I'm a big time "foody", I love to relish my food
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27 / F / Boston
Posted 10/13/12
1. I'm not only an anime fan but a super hero fan
2. I love green tea
3. I don't drink soda
4. Walking Dead is my favorite tv series
5. I like Greek food.
6. I dye my hair--constantly
7. I have a morbidly obese cat
8. I fear change, but long for it.

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