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Random Facts About Yourself
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21 / F / Waiting for your...
Posted 11/12/12
- My car is from New Jersey even though I've never been there
- I have a pet lion fish
- I got stung by a jellie last weekend
- I hate watching TV
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M / Las Vegas
Posted 11/12/12
i take cold showers
i refrigerate most of my food before i eat it
i dont like pizza
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F / Oslo
Posted 11/12/12
1. My favorite animal is a panda
2. I lived in Norway for 9 years
3. I speak Norwegian, English, and almost conversational Japanese (as well as very basic French)
4. I love the color green
5. I'm a closet nerd
6. I want to date a guy with hipster glasses
7. I could live in a Japanese convenience store
8. Young republicans annoy me
9. I hate it when people butcher the English language
10. I secretly want to have an Australian accent
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F / ♬アメリカ//東京
Posted 11/12/12

♡Music is everything.
♡I dislike tomatoes and mushrooms.
♡I do not drink soda.
♡Coffee and water is a must in daily life.
♡I speak 3 languages. [Eng, Viet, Jap] + basic Korean.
♡I am a vocalist.
♡I play guitar.
♡I love cooking/baking.
♡I have two-toned hair. [Blonde/Brown]
♡I cannot wear flat shoes...

...10 is good, no? (^__^)v
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21 / M / North Dakota
Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12
very ^
* play the drums well*
* I play the bongos
* I Have a lot a animals
* I love almost every food( try me )
* Homeschooled myself
* I hate the abreviation "lol" when used in real life or for no reason in a sentence.
* I have built a few houses.
* Im a sucker for romance stuff.
* I can cook many foods
* good fighter
* break a lot of bones for doing stuff stupidly
* Im probably the worst gamer in history. (excluding the mass effect series and bioshock.) every thing else im pretty bad in.
* and lastly im chewing some gum right now.
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27 / F / Sexual Chocolate
Posted 11/12/12
- I get hot thinking about my cars gas mileage (30 mpg, OH GAWD).

- I'm transparent about my feelings, if i'm angry or sad or happy I wear it my sleeve. Some people like this about me because they don't have to try and figure me out, other people hate it because I can come across as blunt and callous.

- I learned wood work while working part time for a guy who makes custom furniture. While i've never used this skill for my own benefit i've done several things for my friends with it.

- I frequently make use of self-deprecating humor, using it as a counterbalance to my narcissism.

- I own more books than I have room to display, keeping most of them in boxes in my closet and under my bed.
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 11/16/12
-addicting to Dr Pepper
-never break any bone or has scar(maybe in future)
-don't eat vegetable expect for potato, corn, and carrot
-my room filling up of books
-long hair -sweet tooth
-always forget my cellphone when go out
-love cold, but hate cold shower(my room's most freeze place in house, besides refrigerator of course)
-wear only hiking boot, can't stand any other type of footwear
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F / Above You! ♖✮♝♞♟♠...
Posted 11/16/12
Im beautiful. . . .
Posted 11/18/12
Carbo makes me Kya-ching.~
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27 / Canada
Posted 11/18/12
I like to go swing at the park at night when I pass by
I don't like to dress well
I prefer girls with brown eyes
I don't hate anyone
I can understand any human action/comportment and I don't find weird things weirds
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27 / Malaysia
Posted 11/18/12
1. I hate cockroaches.
2. I don't enjoy eating sour fruits.
3. All-spicy menu turns my appetite off.
4. I love to write stories/poems.
5. I don't like carbonated drinks.
6. I love running.
7. I think a lot.
8. I love listening to songs that are depressing.
9. I can be very rebellious.
10. I can be very passionate about something/someone.
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32 / F / Kumamoto, Japan
Posted 11/18/12
1.) I live in Japan
2.) My favorite flower is a tulip
3.) I want to be more fashionable, but have no idea how to do so
4.) I don't speak fluent Japanese, but everyone outside of Japan thinks that I do
5.) I was on Conan
6.) I'm awkward and have a hard time making friends
7.) I used to have an irrational fear of zombies to the point that I would avoid certain areas in games so I didn't have to see them (e.g. EPL/WPL in World of Warcraft)
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20 / M / Canada
Posted 11/18/12
1)I never work out
2)I have soft natural hair
3)I fantasized how I will meet my future girlfriend
4)On weekends, I'm a temporary forever alone guy.
5)I love white chocolate
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