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True Blood on HBO
Posted 3/12/10

"I Love True Blood"
Can't wait for the third serious..!
mmmmm Eric, read the books and he is soooo hot
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Posted 3/20/10
This Sunday!! I love True Blood. Eric is my favorite. I will probably watch anything with vampires in it.
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28 / F / Ireland
Posted 3/23/10
I like True Blood but I much prefer the books. They've changed the characters a bit too much for my liking. That said, I still like the programme and am looking forward to season three and seeing how it'll turn out. Eric is my favourite character so I was glad to see that he was in season two a good bit. Hopefully he'll be in season three even more!
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37 / M / San Diego
Posted 3/26/10
i watched the previous 2 season o HBO on demand all in about a week . When i first saw this program maybe a year or so back i caught it very quickly and wasn't really paying it any attention . So after that was never to interested in it . But after really paying attention and seeing each episode in it's entirety , i actually kinds liked it . Really waiting for the 3rd season this summer .
Posted 4/17/10
I don't like it that much too much sexual content.
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Posted 4/21/10
I am addicted to this show... I've never really been into Vampire flicks,but this one got me!

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Posted 4/24/10

zaccPie wrote:

whats that?

True Blood quirky TV series based on the novels by Charlaine Harris stars Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who lives in a small, Louisiana town that just happens to be cohabitated by both humans and vampires. After a Japanese company successfully comes up with a synthetic blood for vampires to live on, it becomes possible for humans to share the world with the bloodsuckers. Even still, it's no easy thing when Sookie finds herself harboring feelings for one charming undead fellow named Bill, played by Stephen Moyer.

Posted 5/4/10
True blood is sweet but I couldn't finish watching it because there was a channel change with my cable company and I lost HBO.
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Posted 6/7/10
True Blood is awesome, really enjoyable television.
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29 / F / North Star
Posted 6/11/10
is it me or is snookie just flat out annoying?
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28 / F / United States of...
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
It is not just you. Sookie is one of the most annoying characters ever. Her accent is nowhere near true southern (especially Louisiana) and she never does the smart thing in many situations. But, with all her flaws, Eric keeps me coming back to watch the show some more.
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Posted 6/20/10 , edited 6/20/10
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Posted 6/20/10
I watched first season. it's good, but in sometimes i am angry of Sookie, because she hurting Bill. But i like to watch movies or serials with vampires.
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Posted 6/22/10
No offence but I don't really like true blood.
There's too much blood,sex and violence for no reason.
The actors make me want to punch them.
Sookie is so NOT talented,and she has that gap between her teeth that she keeps showing(I can't understand why she smiles so much)

Although I must admit I find Eric quite cool..

P.S : Please don't kill me
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26 / F / USA
Posted 6/26/10
I noticed lots of people on this thread said they're either not a fan of vampires or they haven't seen or haven't heard of True Blood. I've seen it! It's not our usual vampires, but I REALLY LOVE that show! I think it's unique with it's activities in the Southern area. The vampires are extremely awesome *ahem* ERIC NORTHMAN. I really like the storyline. It's not some common, same old boring, non-pacing storyline. It keeps it going so that the fans can anticipate more. The only thing I prefer to exclude is just the sexuality and nudity. Some people may disagree with me, but it's just an opinion.
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