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Funniest/Weirdest Thing Your Classmate Said/Do
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27 / F / Crying in Emo Cor...
Posted 10/4/08
i think my class mate is stupid or something cause he said..."if my friend has tape worms and he spits in my food and i eat it...will i get tape worms too?"....-_-'''

and he also said...."if the same friend spits in my food but he had aids, will i get aids too?"

everyone was laughing like crazy...XD...all the teacher said was..."u should make new friends..."

oh he also said "can men breast feed? if they can can they have babies too?"...yes...all from the same class mate...><
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28 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 10/4/08
a lot of stuff, don't know where to start...
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26 / M / World Heritage Si...
Posted 10/4/08
my friend said to his friend ( a girl )
do you play dolls when you are small?

the girl said
no, i watch F1.

he said
really? i play with my cousins. are not girly.
Posted 10/11/08
Posted 10/11/08

While he was eating a candy bar when the teacher was talking. Funny thing is, candy bars aren't even allowed.
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Posted 10/11/08
One of my friends asked "How much calcium is in a woman's breast?"
And then a kid by us said, "None after I'm done sucking it!"

it was perfect <3 haha
Posted 10/11/08
this dude wrote an excuse letter and my math teacher read it out loud:

to whom it may concern,

im sorry for not going to school because my grandmother past away. i will go to school as soon as she gets better.

Posted 10/11/08
and i quote "put your dick on my shoulder! (singing)" so wierd
Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
english teacher asked "what do you believe is true in this world?"
this girl, "time never stops"
teacher, "okay good"
other girl, "I'm a girl"
teacher, "that's good to know ..."
random guy, "a² + b² = c²"
teacher,"save that for math class! this is english!"

my english classes are weird ...

on friday ...
(King Lear)
english teacher, "who wants to be the bastard?"
the same random guy, "I want to be the bastard!"
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Posted 10/11/08
This was in 6th grade... I don't remember it clearly...
But we were talking about something and this kid was like
"Oh~ singing? Is it Oprah?"
Someone else: "It's called Opera~!"
Kid: "Oh...."

So stupid.
Posted 10/11/08
S#1 = a student, Some S = some students

S#1: "Teacher when does the assignment do"
Teacher: "October 25 2008" (it was actually 16)

Teacher: "Ok classes turn in your assignment, John where you paper?"
S#1: "I thought you say we turn it in on the 25"
Teacher: "25? it suppose to be today? students? is he smoking crack"
some S: "yes"
Teacher: "didn't i told john it do today?"
some S: "noo"
S#2: ~ "You told him the 25"
Teacher "lol wow you all must be smoking crack"
S#3: "Yes I did"
Teacher: good shit right?
S#3: kind of
Teacher: yea your smoking your sister sock that was in her thong
*Student laugh*
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23 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 10/17/08
my fren accidentally stepped on a teacher's feet n she said thank you to the teacher...
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31 / F
Posted 10/17/08
when i was in senior high school, during one of the most booring class, at that time there were an important football game and one of my classmate was very addicted to this game so he brings a radio with him... and for all the session he kept listening to the game and in the last few second on the game his team leads the game so he was very stressed and impatient to hear the whistle so he spontaneously yelled and said " HEY MR ARBITOR WHEN WILL YOU WHISTLE !!!????" and the teacher thought taht he was referring to the bell and didn't suspect any thing and told him to wait for more 30 min... the whole class keep laughing for a long time because all of us had known about the game's funnier in real life or maybe i can't describe well
Posted 10/17/08


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26 / F / In my ZONE!!!
Posted 10/17/08
we were talking about abortion in class and a girl says "sooo what, a baby comes out of you bum hole ewww" the whole class started laughing then the teacher had to explain that it didnt it was soo damn funny
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