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Posted 8/7/09
I joined this forum to ask a question. I'm not Indonesian so I really need some help! I was on an Etihad Airways flight a few days ago and in-flight I watched an Indonesian movie. It was part of the "Sinema Indonesia Spesial" and the name of the movie was "Doa Dan Harapan" - I think that was the name, but I'm not sure. I remember the actors were Indra L. Bruggman, Metha Yunatria, and Celine Evangelista. I really enjoyed the movie and I'd love to watch it again. I was hoping someone could let me know if that is the name of the movie, what it means, and if there is any way I can find the movie online. I'd really appreciate anyone's help. Thanks!
Posted 8/28/10
Wow this thread is pretty old.. and the recent post was one year ago !! Anyways being Indo myself I (regretfully) don't recommend our dramas although there may be some exceptional ones but I'm proud of some of our movies, despite it not being big outside of Indo and low budget.

Just to mention a few of my favourites:

Get married (comedy)
Ayat-ayat cinta (drama)
Ada apa dengan cinta? (apparently in Japan its called 'Beautiful days')
Lost in love
Nagabonar jadi 2 (this is XD)
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 1 and 2
Kawin Laris (it can get a bit weird tho)
Kiamat Sudah Dekat
Laskar Pelangi (meaning to watch it, heard its excellent)

Ones that are good but not as good as those listed above (IMHO) :

Cinta Pertama
Coklat Stroberi
Me vs High heels

There's several others but my time is scarce and had not allowed me to watch more. Enjoy Too anyone reading this.. hope this post helps <3
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Posted 12/28/10
I agree with cAm3lia ...
I also don't recommend Indonesia drama (which is called as Sinetron)
Some of the story is similar with korean , japanese, dan taiwanese dramas (we call it plagiarism)

So I recommend you to watch these Indonesian Movie
Radit dan Jani

Cinta pertama

Eiffel I'm in Love

Indonesia short movie
Cinta selembut Awan

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Posted 12/29/10
Macabre or Rumah Dara the best horror movie that I have ever seen

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Posted 12/30/10
I have requested many Indo stuff uploadrs on YT to upload Laskar Pelangi,Sang Pemimpi, and Alexandria for the longest time with eng subt but last time I checked it hasn't happend yet. I liked " 30 Hari Mencari Cinta " but the nice girl who uploaded got suspended
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Posted 12/31/10
new indonesian movie
Kabayan jadi milyuner
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Posted 1/5/11
hai, aku orang indonesia lho, seneng bgt nemuin orang indo jg disini
i'm an indonesian too and guess what..i'm not really interested in watching indonesian dramas nowadays because it's boring and frustating , but if you want to know some dramas, i'll tell you some,,,,,

1. CINTA INDAH ( love triengle between a poor babysitter (Sandra Dewi) and two brothers (Anjasmara & Samuel))


- Indah (Sandra Dewi)
- Samuel Zylgwin
- Anjasmara


For Ryan, he has fully regained the lost glory and financial status which he lost at the hands of Dika and Karina. He is now running a pharmaceutical company whose stock is climbing. Despite his success in professional lives, his personal life is not as successful. He has lost his mother, Retno, whose health has deteriorated to the level, where she succumbs to death. Ryan found it difficult to manage the pressures of business and of managing Icha and Yudha´s life, he has sent them to their respective boarding schools, Icha to a high end boarding school in America and Yudha in a boarding school near Jakarta.

For Ronny, he is involved in a loveless marriage, since during her last moments Retno has asked Ronny to marry, Tania, her care taker nurse´s daughter. Ronny did not have the emotional courage to disappoint his mother. He accepts her demand and marries Tania, who is no match to Ryan´s family in anyways. As the result, Ronny still lives with emotional setback of losing his baby, Cintaaini (His and Aini´s daughter) and Indah

As for Indah, who was the object of affection of both brothers, she´s living her live under the shadow of the past. Now working as a caretaker in an orphanage, Indah is still haunted with the guilt of losing Ronny´s daughter. She could never come out of this self-reproach and also never gathered the moral audacity to face Ronny or Ryan. She imposes on herself a self implemented exile and remains in search of the baby till she does not find her. Moreover, she was still angry for the bad treatment that she met from Retno which forced her to leave Ryan´s House. She shares her pain with her roommate, Fanny.

As the serial begins, fate reunites the characters together; when Ryan and Ronny go to distribute charity in the name of Retno, they reach the orphanage where Indah works as caretaker. They are stunned to find her working in the orphanage. The trio is surprised at the new dice thrown in front of them by their destinies. However, during the period when no one could meet each other has not rusted their feelings of love for each other.

source :
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Posted 7/23/11
Hi! Can anyone tell me whr i cn watch indonesian sinetron and movies?? I've looking fr some sinetron bt cant find them i like those frm 2005 onwards ~ tried youtube bt some i cant find
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Posted 12/19/11
Hi, I'm not from Indonesia but I'm interested in this soap opera called Cinta Indah.. I just want to know what happened at the end.. Did Indah end up with Ryan or Roni? Thanks!
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