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Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08
anyone know whats up with this game? I've read that its supposed to come out today but im getting mixed info and cant find it anywhere. Also wondering if its possible to play with japanese players from a US console
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Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/6/08
don't know rweally. but this game would be the only reason for me to get a xbox. to bad it won't cross port. =(
game looks really good !
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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
Great news everyone!

The Operation Troy Demo can now be downloaded

1. It's done the same way as the Resident Evil 5 download, so follow their instructions.

2. Due to the Demo's nature of loading data, I highly recommend to burn to a DVD rather than a CD for everyone's convenience.

3. Once you've created the CD/DVD demo of operation troy, you should post here when your hosting a game, so people know when to get on.

4. Here is a quick guide to the controls.

5. Since the demo lacks the variable spawn points that the full game has, it's common courtesy to not spawn camp the enemy even if you over run them. If anyone on your team spawn camps, please take the time to give them an honorable execution via continued weapon shots to back or otherwise.

6. Have fun playing the demo of Operation Troy. (Mobile Ops)

7. As a last request, if you got here via a different link rather than from the Mobile Ops Topic on Namco Bandai's boards. Please pay a visit to that topic here, every view helps no matter how insignificant it may seem. Thank you.

NamcoBandai forum:

We need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to get this demo and get the Online Community going again! If they realize that many many people from the USA are playing the demo, THEY COULD POSSIBLY RELEASE IT IN THE USA EARLIER!!!!!! We need to setup MULTIPLE SERVERS for people to play in!!!! C'mon, Youtube!!!!! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!!! XD

Also keep in mind that any bugs you find in the demo ARE PRETTY MUCH FIXED in the full version. as my friend from school has a modded xbox 360 which i play the full game on. so dont feel dissapointed if you turn out to dislike the demo. the full version fixed all of that.

The demo itself is 95% english language and totally understandable for anyone who doesn't speak japanese. so don't refraim from downloading it if you think its all in japanese. because its not.

In addition, for those of you who DO download the demo, I URGE YOU to PLEASE NOT SPAWN CAMP. The map that the demo provides has a high spawn camp risk, and spawn camping will result in you being kicked from the server you join. so do not spawn camp, whatever you do.

Here's a list-in-progress of current players if you're interested in joining in on a game.

Gamertag: AlphaKev
Timezone: GMT-5
Preferred Side: Federation

Gamertag: Jus Blaze Man02
Timezone: Central
Preferred Side: Federation

GT: DizziestZero
Timezone: GMT-6 for now (Central time)
Preferred Side: Federation

Gamertag: Azure Sin
Timezone: GMT -5
Preferred Side: Zeon

Gamertag: Antilogic
Timezone: GMT + 1
Preferred Side : Zeon (but Federation is fine too)

Gamertag: Kiesdor (i don't have the 800 MS points to fix one letter)
Timezone: US Central, GMT-5
Preferred Side: EFSF

Gamertag: MizumakiYoshino
Timezone: GMT - 8
Preferred Side: Zeon

Dark Fox 5
x651x Soulfly
Swiftninja v2

Hope to see you guys in-game!
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