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Meet your Korean F4..
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Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/10/08

The Announcement for the F4 Boys in the new Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango is out today.

Although it was floated around that the casting would comprise mostly pop idol stars, it turns out that we’re split half-half between idols and actors.

First is F4 leader in the Tsukasa role, aka actor Lee Min-ho,
Kim Hyun-joong, idol singer of pop boy band SS501, takes on the role of Rui.
Kim Bum, is most recently of East of Eden
And, finally, Kim Joon is the least-known of the F4 boys, as Akira.

Source: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/Meet-your-Korean-F4-talk586309.html

Kim Hyun Joong (Rui) cameos:
(Hotelier): http://www.mysoju.com/hotelier-japanese/episode-7/part-2/
(Nonstop 5): http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-83959/Nonstop-5-Episode-208.html
(Spotlight): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1YvyDyT3MI

Lee Min Ho as Domyouji Tsukasa/ Dao Ming Zi/ Go Jun Pyo

Kim Hyun Joong as Hanazawa Rui/ Hua Ze Lei/ Yoon Ji Hoo

Kim Bum as Sojiroh Nishikado/ Xi Men/ So Yi Jung

Kim Hyung Joon as Akira Mimasaka/ Mei Zuo/ Song Woo Bin

I managed to get a nice picture of Kim Joon.

I have a high expectation to the cast remarkably to Kim Hyun Joong (Rui) right after I saw his acting ability in Nonstop 5; considering the looks and personality. I hope they do well. I'm just hoping that they won’t ruin the story itself, not draggy and stuff. The role of Makino has been decided too. For further details:


As you notice, I'm a big fan of SS501, hahaha! So, yeah! Anyhow, to all of the Kim Hyun Joong fans out there, you might just want to check this videos too... :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU_TdbEPJX0 hot!

And one more thing you guys, I don't know if how many of you knows that Hana Yori Dango Final (Japan) has been released--the pirated one . Anyhow here's the link... http://www.megavideo.com/?v=UVHH3IWX; for the translation go dig it in crunchyroll's forum, somebody posted it.

Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/5/08
ooo im looking forward to this!

here's a pic of all 4 of the cast..from dramabeans.com

From Left to Right:

Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo (Tsukasa Domyoji)
Kim Hyun Joong(from SS501) as Yoon Ji Hoo (Rui Hanazawa)
Kim Bum as So Lee Jung (Sojiroh Nishikado)
Kim Joon of T-MAX(some boy band?) as Song Yu Bin (Akira Mimasaka)

update* 10/05/2008

The role of Makino has been casted~credits to dramabeans.com

Gu Hye-sun as Makino Tsukushi

Her acting info:


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Posted 10/1/08
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Posted 10/1/08
hu's gonna be the girl?
Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08
Not bad i guess...??

Although, it feels kinda like HyunJoong is more like the leading man in this drama even if he is playing a supporting role.

Cant find any info on Lee Min-ho....
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Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08
azeangurl - I agree. I wanna know who's going to be playing Makino.

I'm not very familiar with some of the guys mentioned. I think it would be better if they casted some younger guys to play F4 though, but Hyun Joong's okay - he fits Rui. But anyway, judging from the pictures, some of them looks kinda old, but they're actually pretty young! LOL

EDIT: Forgot to mention, nonetheless, I am looking forward to this.
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Posted 10/1/08

I can't wait!!

Posted 10/1/08
omgg ;D kibums CUTEE D;

but hyungjoon looks a bit too old to be the role ... IMO
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Posted 10/1/08
coolcool cant wait!
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Posted 10/1/08
i'm disappointed in the cast:(
even if the person i wanted (jaejoong or u-know) is way too busy to accept the job, i'm still disappointed cause maybe they could of pick others......
i dont even know any of the cast ++they're not that good looking.
i wonder who's the girl then??
i lost interest in watching the drama..
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Posted 10/1/08
hahaha....actually, all the guys casted are pretty young....the oldest i believe is Hyun Joong who was born in 1985 and the youngest is Kim Bum who i believe was born in 1989..

the cast seems pretty good...the lead actor has pretty good acting experience as well as Kim Bum...Hyun Joong has done other acting projects and fits the image of Rui PERFECTLY...and the last guy who will play Akira is a newbie in acting but they must have chosen him for a reason (he is in the boy band T-Max)

i wonder who will play the female lead...hhhmm...

i wouldnt mind if they choose a new actress for the role as long as she has what it takes to play the role...

and GOD, PLEASE DONT let them cast a girl from a korean girl band....PLEASE
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21 / F / Your Bittersweet...
Posted 10/1/08
Oh! Very interesting. I can't wait for it to come out! ;3
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31 / F / HYD's Heart
Posted 10/1/08
Oh they're cute!!
Posted 10/1/08
Meh. I don't really have an opinion yet because the most important factor for me is whether or not they can ACT....and I haven't seen any of their previous work.

I'm also more curious about who is playing Makino.
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Posted 10/1/08
i guess they are not bad just hopr they can meet the people's expectation from them
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