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Do we Appreciate Crunchyroll Enough?
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22 / F / SDF-1
Posted 4/19/07
Well that's what happens when you take away a fanboy's item of worship.
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24 / M / Boston
Posted 4/19/07
You meet nice ppl in CR
Its the Best I mean BEST anime site and some other stuff
it gets me no virus i think

-ty shinji
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F / Chicago, IL
Posted 4/19/07
i love crunchyroll & it's easy access.
we don't have to put up with 1/2 episodes then load another 1/2 (this applies to animes only).... although i do wish that the quality of the videos were a bit clearer. i'd say that compared to CR, youtube is much more clearer. i'm not sure exactly why, but even the "larger" and "better quality" videos for those who supported... are still pretty fuzzy.
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22 / F / Singapore
Posted 5/23/07
well we all agree on one statement : shinji we can't thank you enough for thing wonderful site and well of course donating is what we can do but too bad , I currently can't donate prehaps next year
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26 / M
Posted 5/27/07
I think we aren't appreciating the site enough , specially those that watch animes for free.
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37 / F / BUSY WITH TOMA.....
Posted 5/28/07
first of all.. thanks shinji and other staff.. for putting up CR.. xDD
CR's videos are great... it's true.. and U can find good buddies here too.. and.. a lot more.. just that.. CR is cool... organized etc etc... can't ask for more... thanks a lot Shinji.. have a good day then..
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29 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 5/30/07
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Posted 5/30/07
What Do you like About CrunchyRoll?

Definitely the community.
Moderators are nice, and well educated individuals.
Moderators are also quite active, which is a good thing
for the under-aged users.

What Can You/Shinji Do To Make it Better?

Make the video screens bigger.
Delete the 'removed' video profiles.

Anime,Music,Games,Dramas Can We Reilly Ask For More?

Yes, we can.

Overall, I love the site. I stream the videos when I have time. Will definitely donate in the near future.

Thanks Shinji, and also a thanks to the community, because without the community, there also wouldn't be a Crunchyroll.
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38 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 5/30/07
Shinji could create a donate box... where the user could specify how much they want to donate...
However... I'd like to see the P/L for the site, if he's making more than $600, from it he could have one hell of a tax write off... if he kept his financials in order... I could even do his taxes...(yes all the way over here in illinois) he could even s-corp it if he made any kind of decent profit, and purchase rights to some of the anime that have been liscensed.
Depends on how much capitol he makes...
If Shinji doesn't file the site on his taxes, even as a Personal business on his personal taxes, and he DOES make over 600 a year from it (not counting expenses) then he could get into a heap of trouble if the IRS found out. I won't tell, but i can help Shinji... I do this for a living.

oh yeah... ADVERTISE!!!
You can make more money to dump into the site with advertising!

*Edit* My bad, you keep it at Donation level... You could register it as a charity, something like " is a charity for education of asian entertainment culture" and give the donators (and yourself) a tax write-off
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27 / M
Posted 5/31/07
I love everything about CR. It's that pure and simple.

Shinji and the CR staff already do enough. We all should donate money just to make their lives easier (but I'm broke).

Of course we can ask for more since there will always be something new.
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24 / M
Posted 6/3/07
i think cr is treated in a good way otherwise this amount of people wouldnt be on this site everyday
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Posted 8/9/07
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24 / F
Posted 8/19/07
A. i luv da varity of anime
B. da ability to aummunicate
a. budding ppl!
C . easy to look for anime!
a. da recent anime secction
b. da anime index
D. chatrooms
F.da games n music section n stuff

1. umm da format for watchin vids
2. bandwith
3. quality(a little)

i dont dink we need more cr is da best site!

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24 / M / somewhere
Posted 8/19/07
i like pretty much everything about crunchyroll

we can make a new forum with links for the music videos and stuff like instead of uploading an AMV here we put we upload it on youtube and provide links for the videos instead of putting it on here wont that save lots of time encoding approving etc etc etc

can we really ask for more??? some people here can ask for A LOT MORE
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26 / M / somewhere in the...
Posted 8/20/07
1. crunchyroll is a good site to have more friends and interact with each other.We can also watch anime for free.

2.donate so that crunchyroll will be better (of course we will donate if we have jobs already)

3.for me I couldn't ask for more(I only care about anime and friends)

and we thank shinji for that!
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