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Dual questions
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Posted 4/11/07
Right… If somebody is dumb enough to get hit by a car, unless it like…plows through their wall while their sleeping or something, needs to die before they can spread the elusive idiot gene. This my friends is why you don’t cross busy streets, and whenever you hear drunken hoots and rubber grinding away against pavement, just get inside!

Anywho, why would being burnt alive be so bad? Your nerves are pretty close to the surface of your body, they’d be amongst the first things to burn. So, you’d not feel pain for too long. I think it would suck much worse to be eaten alive by something, or to drown, or…. Wait…did somebody say autoerotic asphyxiation? LMAO! HAHA!
Posted 4/11/07
When the right one comes, then marriage.

Becoming a famous and amazing anime creator.

To go on without a purpose.
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Posted 4/11/07

SeraphAlford wrote:
Wait…did somebody say autoerotic asphyxiation? LMAO! HAHA!

:) Yes, sir.
Posted 7/22/09
Marriage is definitely not my thing as my personality changes way too much and my interests with it. I'd get quickly annoyed being with the same person year after year.

The worst death is to die from being tortured to death; basically anything that will cause an unnecessary amount of pain before death steps in.
Best death would be something like dying in your sleep...though I'd maybe like to say goodbye to my beloved ones before I part from this world. It really would be handy if we could get a lifetime clock that would tell use when we're due, but alas not available.
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
I want to get married, but to the right guy!

The best way to die would be a slow...not painfull, but slow death.
That way I'll get to say goodbye to all the ones I love.

The worst way to die is on my birthday or any other special day.
Posted 8/7/09
I would definitely want to get married.
Best way to die- in my sleep.
Worst way to die- burn to death.
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