Favorite Mecha Weapon or Specs.
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Posted 10/3/08
By weapon you know what I mean . By specs I mean like wings, jetpack, Special engine system or Energy used to powered the mech.

Mine got to be Hadron cannon from Code geass. And The feather energy wing also from code geass. Beam saber but the one from Gundam 00 because the hande look cooler than the cylinder lightsaber kind. I also like the propulsion system A.K.A those wheels that they have in Code Geass. it really improve mobility. I also like gundam seed destiny dragoon system. I mean the enemy cant possibly stop an attack like that. I also like the ICF sytem that in Code geass they use as a way to locate enemy and stuff. I also like the energy shield that The shinkirou had in Code geass it look cool how its not a round bubble but made out of those hexagon shape energy that block the attack. But for energy Neutron Jammer Cancellor is one of my favorite Spec from Gundam seed destiny. Even though the risk of blowing up everything in 50 kilometer if you lose. But with all these weapon. I doubt you can lose that easily
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Posted 10/3/08
Tengen toppa gurren lagann and spiral energy or GTFO
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Posted 10/3/08
1. Fin Funnels of the Nu and Hi Nu Gundam (beat the cap out of DRAGOONS)
2. Wing Zero Custom's Wing Verniers
3. Victory Type 2 Wings of Light

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Posted 10/3/08
gurens seitens microwave FTW!!!
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inside your head
Posted 10/3/08
Guren~ (CG R2)
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Posted 10/3/08
the right arm of guren from code geass. i always love radiation blasts.
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26 / M / This Dying World
Posted 10/3/08
beam sabre does the job
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24 / F / T r e e h i l l m...
Posted 10/3/08
Guren beats all.
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28 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
Radiation Surge Arm(Retractable)-Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.(Superlative Extruder Interlocked Technology Exclusive Nexus)
Energy Feathers(Bolt Cannon)-Lancelot Albion
Maser Vibration System Sword-Lancelot Albion
Stark Hadron Cannon-Mordred
GN Drive-GN Series Gundams
Hadron Cannon(Gefjun Enhanced)-Gawain
Druid System(Absolute Defense Territory)- Shinkirou
Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon-Shinkirou
ZERO(Zoning and Emotional Range Omitted) System -Wing Zero
Flight Defense Wing-Wing Zero
Lambda Driver-ARX-7 Arbalest
AT field-Eva unit 01
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25 / M / Hmm.. somewhere l...
Posted 10/4/08
DRAGOON system-Gundam seed destiny

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Posted 10/4/08
zero system - i predict all of your movements...
gundam double x's double satellite cannon - a painless way to kill

assuming you build a mechanical death note

death note - a very painful way too kill

THE BEST: FMP mithril's lambda drive... all your thoughts are possible... create a a mega impenetrable shield? no problem... a bullet piercing any shield? chicken feed...
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32 / Philippines
Posted 10/4/08
Fin Funnel (Gundam CCA) - bits/funnels on steroids
VSBR (Gundam F91, Victory Gundam) - Is it a shield buster or a buster rifle? It's both.
Moonlight Butterfly (Turn A Gundam) - bye bye civilization

Psychoframe, Destroy Mode (Gundam CCA, Gundam Unicorn) - thoughts = movement (Newtype only)
Rush Rod's Overskill: Time Stop (King Gainer) - stops bullets, fire, typhoons, or even your enemy
Vector Trap (Zone of the Enders) - always useful when you have tons of guns yet no backpack
I-field (UC Gundam) - anti-beam spam
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Posted 10/4/08

Ide: The dead people who have been running your giant robot and giving it infinite power since 1980.
EXAM System: Newtypes have a nice day.
Overskill: Road Roller da! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Getter Rays: Hello Spiral Energy.
Degeneracy Reactor: OH SHI-!
I-Field: Beam weapons, NO U. Wait, is that a Sun Laser? Ho boy.


Ideon Gun: The enemy is still several astronomical units away, can't see shit captai- ARGH
Ideon Sword: Wait, what's that wailing noise? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
Fin Funnels: Oh look! It can shoot beams and generate shields!
Goldion Hammer/Crusher: Oh, you have Jupiter as an afro? TURN INTO LIGHT, BITCH
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30 / M / Makati, Philppines
Posted 10/5/08
For specs

variable/transformable type mecha - its more interesting imo, just like the vfs from macross
lots of hardpoints - (gundam f90) to fit any kind of specific role
renewable energy source for powerplant and propulsion (e.g. voiture lumiere) - so you dont need to worry about low energy when you're in a pinch.
panoramic cockpit
bio-computer - im not a newtype, so im not gonna bother and put a psychoframe
beam shield/pin point barrier - can serve as melee weapons


beam smartgun
mega beam rifle - just loved how the v2 assault uses this weapon on srwa
vsbr - for piercing beam shields or just pure power

rocket punch/broken magnum
tenkuu ken/dan ku ken
freezer storm and fire blizzard
- any old school mecha weapon that you can yell, cause yelling makes it more stronger
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