When will the episodes of Shugo Chara will come!
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
Shugo Chara!! Doki— RAW! Not Subbed.

52 "Sparkle With All Your Might!"
"Meippai no Kirakira!" - October 4, 2008
Kiseki has called another guardian character meeting, but no one seems to be paying attention to him. Dia suddenly hatches, much to the delight of Ran, Miki, and Suu. Ran tells everyone of her crazy history with Amu, as does Miki and Suu. They begin to fight over who's hatching was less a hassle, and everyone laughs. Then, they talk about all the Guardians, and then how Dia hatched. They all begin to feel Amu's radiance in them. Later that day, Amu appears at the Royal Garden and Ran is about to show the hatched Dia to her, when they see that Dia has gone back into her egg. Amu questions Ran, and then Suu points over to Kiseki, who all of the Guardians make fun of, causing Kiseki to "become a spirit" and we see Dia momentarily hatch and giggle.

53 "Hectic Day to Speak Frankly!?"
"Butchake Ōisogashi!?" - October 11, 2008

54 "Eh? A New Friend!"
"Ē? Atarashii Otomodachi!" - October 18, 2008

"Put the Heart of the Song on Wings!"
"Tsubasa ni Uta no Kokoro o Nosete!" - October 25, 2008
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Posted 10/5/08
Next millennium.

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