MatsuJun's new dorama
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Posted 10/5/08
if there is another thread about this,
feel free to block or whatever to this

hello minna! as some of youu know, MatsuJun has a new dorama.
its called Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru.
or Myu will give Daddy her legs.

The drama is based on a true story of Yamaguchi Hayato (25)
a young man who learns he has a rare illness known as CIDP
which affects the nervous system. He begins to lose the functioning of his limbs,
but he is determined to fight the illness with the support of his wife
and his 2-year-old daughter, Myu-chan.

i really wanted to see this & its finally up with subs!
its kinda like 1 Litre Of Tears.
currentlyy there are 2 episodes up at
heres the linkk. enjoy!
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
thanks i wanted to watch this drama but didn't know the name of it
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
yeah.. but i want to see jun and karina being paired not like husband-wife thing.. weeh..

i want them to be paired as young lovers.. like that..

but i watched it awhile ago.. hehe.. lol
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Posted 10/5/08
Wasn't this just a special?
Posted 10/5/08
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