Post Reply photoshop edit made of guigui~ suggestions please
Posted 10/5/08
Even though i dislike Guigui allot i got bored and decided to photoshop a picture of her,
I know my photoshop art isn't that good XD;; and i change ALLOT of the models i photoshop like
stuff like that <_<;
anyway i wanted to know what you guys think of it and any suggestions or maybe requests n_n

( please keep in mind that i made this one with a ''banner'' like purpose so i didn't try to keep the colours realistic )

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Posted 10/5/08
actually it looks pretty good :)
Gui Gui's teeth looks whit-ier after u photoshopped it
The lipstick color looks nice on her
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Posted 10/5/08
Haha..why are you photoshopping her if
you don't like her? :p're
a good photoshopper! :)
Though, I think..she looks better with natural looking makeup
her teeth looks better. lmao
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Posted 10/17/08
They are both good but gui gui is naturally cute anyway ^^
Posted 1/2/09
whoa.. you're good. the pic looks really nice !!!
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