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25 / F / Sweden
Posted 10/5/08
Picture of yourself: (Only if u want to)

Place of Birth:

Favorite color:
Favorite food:
Favorite bands, singers, etc.:
Favorite movie:
Favorite show or drama:

Interesting Facts:

Why do you like K OTIC?
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25 / F / Sweden
Posted 10/5/08
Name: Sabine
Nickname: dont have any ^^
Birthday: June 13
Place of Birth: Sweden
Ethnicity: Swedish

Favorite color: Red ^^
Favorite food: Sushi <3333
Favorite bands, singers, etc.: besides k otic, Super junior, dbsk, fahrenheit, ffk etc ^^
Favorite movie: Idk, horror movies XD
Favorite show or drama: I luv taiwanese dramas like Hana kimi, brown sugar macchiato

Hobbies: music, partying, hang out with friends and i love to be lazy xD
Interesting Facts: i love to cook (sry I can not think of anything better) XD

Why do you like K OTIC? bcs their songs rocks! and also they are verry cuute! ^^

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F / Figure it out xDD
Posted 10/8/08
Picture of yourself: (Only if u want to) I dun wanna xP But i have a pic of me on my profile, u can check that out if u wanna^^

Name: Gaea
Nickname: Don have one ^^
Birthday: October 24, 1995
Place of Birth: Manila , Philippines
Ethnicity: Philippino

Favorite color: Purple ^^
Favorite food: All xDD All but really spicy foods
Favorite bands, singers, etc.: Check out my tags xD
Favorite movie: Ummmmm.....i cant choose
Favorite show or drama: Ahhaha...NO I cant pick jcust one either >__< xD

Hobbies: Volleyball, computer, hangin out w/friends, etc
Interesting Facts: I have 2 sisters and both of my pinkies are deformed xDD

Why do you like K OTIC? I like them, but i dont really kno them yet. I think that they're cute tho ^^
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 10/21/08
Name: ---
Nickname: ---
Birthday: 06/19
Place of Birth: Cambodia
Ethnicity: Khmer-Chinese
Nationality: Khmer

Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: pad sew, daddy's homemade
Favorite bands, singers, etc.: oh man i have too many... but let's say; TVXQ, Golf-Mike, K-OTIC <3
Favorite movie: Death Note, Vacation, (also too many... can't remember any of them)
Favorite show or drama: Journey To The West, Dragon Exchange Phoenix, etc.

Hobbies: Studying Thai (weird hobby i have^^), listening to music, watching drama, cpu :P
Interesting Facts: i have no idea... mhh..?

Why do you like K OTIC?- Cuz i'm a very huge fan of 'em!! luv their style n' music <3 n' the boys r so damn hot n' cute XD especially Kenta!!!
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27 / F / Illinois
Posted 9/25/09
Doesn't seem like anyone has posted here in awhile, but I'm still going to do this! :)

Picture of yourself: (Only if u want to) Will get one...sometime...maybe...

Name: Gilli
Nickname: JiHee
Birthday: January 20
Place of Birth: Colorado, USA
Ethnicity: As white as you can get!

Favorite color: Lime green
Favorite food: almost anything, but raw fish
Favorite bands, singers, etc.: DBSK, alice nine., Super Junior, Phantasmagoria, pretty much all K-Pop and Visual Kei bands!
Favorite movie: Storm Riders, Red Eye
Favorite show or drama: Goong, Over the Rainbow, Freeze, Attention Please

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, attempting to dance, listening to music
Interesting Facts: My hair changes colors every few weeks, and I can't ride a bike...

Why do you like K OTIC? Their music is great and their dances are AMAZING!!!
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27 / F / MaLaYsia
Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/17/10
Name: Farhana
Nickname: Nana
Birthday: 01 JUNE 1990
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Ethnicity: Malay
Nationality: Malaysian

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: anything good especially seafood~~!!
Favorite bands, singers, etc.: got tons especially jpop n kpop
Favorite movie: hmmm~~~
Favorite show or drama: tons too..jdrama n k-tv especially

Hobbies: sleeping, listening to music n roaming around
Interesting Facts: crazy fangirl n does things my way..hehehe.*gomenne..can't think of any actually*

Why do you like K OTIC?
cause they are totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!
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