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What made you an IchiRuki,and Ichihime fan? ^__^
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24 / F / Belgium
Posted 7/16/10
reason: they match best (in my opinion) they have done a lot for eachother and Ichigo may not realize it, but ever since the beginning he has always felt the need to have her beside him....
and Orihime (especially in the beginning) was such a coward and she was more of a burden than a help (I know it changed a bit, but I'm talking about the beginning...)
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28 / M / in your head
Posted 7/16/10
IchixRuki - they SHOULD be together

IchixHime - ...
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F / SOS brigade headq...
Posted 9/13/10
ichigo and rukia so be together his dad is a you know what (not spoling XD) they are so good to gether and Orihime couldn't not make Ichigo get out of his slump buy rukia could XD so IchiXRuki all the way
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26 / F / Cavite,Philippines
Posted 9/29/10
I chose IchiXRuki Because I want an insane loveteam!
I also agree with Naomiruthrockenbaugh I hate Orihime.No offense to Orihime fans!It's just a opinion!
Posted 10/9/10
ICHIRUKI FTW!!! i cant stand Orhime, she annoys me, and troublesome
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Posted 10/9/10
I'm a fan of Ichigo being alone

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20 / F / Turkey:Istanbul
Posted 10/11/10
I HATE orihime cus:
1.orihime is stupid
3.OH and a huge fact, she is tiki!!
4.And she tryed to rape İchigo!!! (even if ichigo love orihime still its not a nice thing!!!)
5.She is not strong and she is always hiding someone's back (I now her healing power saved ichigo's and others life's many times)
6. AND when she call 's ichigo's name it makes me sick I wanna kill her at that moment. ( and she is doing that a sooooooo much.Even in 1 episode)

I love rukia cus: ( that is gonna be long)
1.She is strong.
2.Rukia is smart .
3.Rukia is not selfish.
4.She is brave.
5.And she helped ichigo many times ( she helped ichigo for beat his hollow too)
6. And she know where to stop.

Btw sorry for my terrible english oh and sorry Orihime fans if I break your heart!!
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20 / F
Posted 12/3/10
IchigoxRukia cause like they fit so well together they're always on the same track both kinda act stupid and they get along so well by fighting with each other! ITS JUST PERFECT. (and funny)

Where s Orihime is kinda awkward, notice how Ichigo doesn't talk to Orihime as much as he does to Rukia?
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24 / F / SOMEWHERE!!
Posted 2/2/11
ichigo x rukia i love this couple they are meant to be with each other
age doesnt matter.

Ichigo show more caring for rukia then orihime (if you been paying close attention to it)
I love this couple so much <3 <3 i hope they end up together maybe rukia mite be offically sign to karakura town and ichigo and rukia would be together forever.. ichigo wont feel lonely. xD
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23 / F
Posted 2/15/11
I love Ichiruki since the beginning of the series !
now i like even more this pairing with the ending 26 and the chapter 436 !!!
They are always quarreling but they also trut each other !
Rukia understands Ichigo's feelings (memories in the rain)
Even in the Hime's rescue arc, Ichigo wanted to save Rukia when Ulqui said she was dead and Ichi felt she wasn't dead. And this arc ended with a beautiful farewell (i hope it's not a farewell ^^)
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22 / F
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/16/11
I love IchiRuki because of their unique bond and all the development they've gone through in the manga's course...

Rukia gave Ichigo the ability to protect that he had wanted for so long. Then, she connected with him over his "memories in the rain" about his mother and put him at ease with her understanding words. (She had "memories in the rain" of her own, about Kaien.)

When Rukia was taken away, Ichigo was very pained and couldn't stop thinking about her. He thought how strange it was that the rest of the world was going on the same without Rukia. To him, something was obviously missing.

In such a short time, Rukia felt she could trust Ichigo with her very life -- she told that to Hanataro while waiting for her execution, and later Hanataro told that to Ichigo. For a long time after Kaien's death, Rukia blamed herself and had very low self esteem. While waiting to be executed, she talked as if to Kaien, saying that blood should never be shed over someone like her. But Ichigo changed her and made her realize her worth more. She cried when he came to save her. Unlike Renji, he hadn't abandoned her. (I love Renji, but he didn't even try to help Rukia until after Ichigo's effort... in fact, at first he fought against the rescue effort.)

Ichigo said afterwards that Rukia made his rain stop. <3 When he said goodbye to Rukia, Orihime was with them, but was suddenly not shown and we got some closeups on Ichigo and Rukia's faces, like they were in their own little world. I like how Kubo set that up visually. See the spoiler tag for images (Find Orihime on the first page. Notice how it becomes just Ichigo and Rukia talking, even though she's still there.)

Later, Ichigo was depressed after failing to protect Orihime and Chad when Ulquiorra and Yammy showed up. Who was the one who restored him and strengthened him? That's right -- Rukia. Orihime was bittersweetly admiring of Rukia, telling Rangiku she was sorry she was jealous of Rukia, who "snapped Ichigo out of his funk." Rukia always has the most effect on Ichigo out of all his friends. (Just read the most recent Bleach chapter -- the valentines day one -- for another example.)

Rukia is also willing to disagree with Ichigo when necessary and stand up for her abilities. She had Chappy hold him still while she used her beautiful zanpakuto against an enemy, because he needed to realize that he didn't need to protect everyone all the time. She was run through by Grimmjow's fist shortly after, however, and when Orihime was healing Rukia, Ichigo had such a look on his face. His look, and Orihime's response, speak volumes... See the spoiler tag for images:

She clearly reads something into that look. I believe she has recognized that Ichigo isn't hers. That's why, when she says goodbye to the sleeping Ichigo before leaving to Hueco Mundo, she can't bring herself to kiss him and cries. It feels wrong because she knows he belongs to someone else.

Later, in the Hueco Mundo arc, when the group is going to separate, Ichigo wants them to stay together because he is worried about Rukia. He can be overprotective of her, and that's a flaw, but Rukia is about to set him straight. Before she says anything, though, it's Renji who speaks. He tells Ichigo that it's insulting to a warrior like Rukia for Ichigo to want to keep her protected. Ichigo accepts this, and this is a good thing.

Later, however, Ichigo tries to bolt to Rukia because she's badly hurt. Ulquiorra stops him, but this moment shows again how much Ichigo cares for Rukia's wellbeing.

(One of the reasons I don't like the idea of IchiHime is that Orihime is... reluctant or sort of afraid to disagree with Ichigo. She came here to protect her friends, and she is the shielder of the group. But often, Ichigo has her stand back without doing anything, even though she promised herself she would fight alongside him this time. She doesn't question this to him. She doesn't stand up and show him that he needs to respect her abilities. Many of Ichigo's friends have gone through this problem -- Rukia, Chad and Ishida all had to show Ichigo that he was being to overprotective and that he needed to step back and see what they could do as well. Orihime is the friend that doesn't respond to this as a challenge. She lets herself be pushed off to the background, even though she doesn't want to be. It's not good that she can't speak up for herself to Ichigo.)

There's more recent IchiRuki moments that I see as very significant, but as they haven't been animated yet I'm not sure I should talk about them here.

Anyways, the common argument I see against IchiRuki is that Ichigo doesn't love either Rukia or Orihime yet. Well, if your argument is that Ichigo isn't romantically in love with Rukia, you should still be able to see that he values her above his other friends. He has singled her out from them many times. In such a short time, they developed such a deep connection, and have often shown they understand each other with just eye contact. Their relationship developed gradually and healthily, starting as strangers -- as all relationships do, but Rukia was especially a stranger, as a shinigami -- but progressing to more than friends. Their relationship is always changing and evolving... I really can see romance in the future.

I've seen someone say IchiRuki shippers only pair them together because we think a guy and a girl can't just be friends. ...What? Hopefully, if you thought that before, you now know otherwise. There are several girls I see Ichigo as "just friends" with, including Tatsuki and Orihime. And Ichigo and Rukia aren't paired together because they're the main characters. They have connected with each other and helped each other so many times. Their relationship is very dynamic. And their relationship has many values I associate with love, such as the fact that both put each other's wellbeing before their own, they can often understand each other without words, and when they're together, from their point of view their other friends start to fade into the background.

Sorry for the length of this post. Once I started typing, I couldn't stop until I felt like I was finished. XD

EDIT: One more thing. I don't think any IchiHime shippers seriously dislike IchiRuki because of the age difference... Think about it. Let's say you are an IchiHime shipper. If Orihime was a shinigami and as old as Rukia, would you suddenly stop liking IchiHime? I strongly doubt it.
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Posted 2/15/11
The main reason why I am such a huge ICHIRUKI shipper is because it would be so typical shounen if he goes for Orihime. In the usual shounen genre, the main guy almost ALWAYS ends up w/ the girl next door +usually has huge breasts type.It's unfair that the girls with better personalities and are stronger (physically or emotionally or mentally) are always passed up as "brother in arms". Yes I have a huge bias against damsel-in-distresse(s?) and Orihime is at the top of the list. There are just wayy too many times I've nearly grabbed my computer screen in exasperation due to her illogical antics (too lazy to name here). If people are going to complain about the whole age thing, then in that case I would prefer Ichigo ending up with Tatsuki instead. Orihime's nice and traditional so she should just end up with Ishida, who would fit right in the mould of white knight in shining armor.
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21 / F / Far away....
Posted 2/17/11
Rukia and Ichigo... they have such great chemistry... besides, I just feel that they're meant for each other... seeing as they reigned over the entire first season together. Besides, who else would be so bluntly honest with Rukia's drawings. They're the 'fated' pair. I mean, c'mon, how many people have this as their opening greeting "You can see me?" It just draws me even more into this couple!

Orihime was terrified of Ichigo in the beginning! Imagine telling the 'how did you meet story':
'Oh, kids, we went to school together, I was terrified of him!'
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21 / F
Posted 2/20/11
Oh my. You guys really put in lot of analysis into the IchiRuki pair. I liked the Ichigo-Rukia pair from the start . I've read it somewhere that Kubo-sensei isn't planning on making a serious love interest for Ichigo, but I think that the moments we've seen so far...both in the anime and manga speaks for themselves. Ichigo and Rukia are MEANT to be together.
Posted 3/3/11
Well I can see the benefit of keeping it ambiguous, first and foremost is that romance is not part of the genre but if i had to choose I would definitely pick IchigoXRukia.

The first thing I want to get off my back though must be the misconception that Orihime and Ichigo have been friends longer which somehow validates them as a couple. Cause that is in fact incorrect, Ichigo and Tatsuki were childhood friends, Ichigo and Orihime were acquaintances who never really talked until after Rukia appeared, gave Ichigo powers allowing him to fight hollows and therefore saving the red head from her hollow brother. So there is that cleared.

The fact that he wants to protect Orihime is moot, considering he wants to protect everyone that includes his town so really it doesn't make her unique or special. I really can't see why ppl read more in to that.

While it is pretty obvious that Orihime is infatuated with Ichigo to the point that she stalks him to his room...(by the way if she had never been to his house/room how did she know which one his room was anyway? Unless she does a bit of spying with a telescope which I suspect she does) it doesn't mean that she understands him at all. She doesn't even have faith in him or any of her friends actually cause if she did she wouldn't have agreed to Ulquiorra ultimatum and believed in her friends ability to fight.

My final point against Orihime is that just cause they have the same hair colour does not a perfect couple make!.

Rukia on the other hand is the reason why Ichigo exists as a soul reaper in the first place. She gave him the strength to fight/protect and all that jazz. They are in sync, get along well and seem like a much more mature and realistic pairing as apposed to some boring, overused fantasy damsel in distress pairing. Even Orihime admits that Rukia is the reason why Ichigo was able to get out of his Hollow funk...bringing us back to the understanding thing.

Also subtlety is the clue, gotta learn to read between the lines ppl. Did anyone not notice why they emphasized the description of Rukias Zanpakutō, how its the only pure white Zanpakutō in all of soul society and how well it contrasts with Ichigos black Bankai...Ying and Yang ppl its so clear.

Enough said and I am super sorry for turning this in to an essay as well as my excessive use of the word "pp'. Hope that is its at least coherent.
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