Looking for Kairi keyblade for otakon 2009!!!!
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Posted 10/5/08
Hello i'm going to be cosplaying as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts i need a Keyblade. I can't find i good looking one if anyone. So i'm willing to pay anyone on here or knows anyone that can make one i will pay for it as long as it is through paypal
Posted 10/5/08
1. Take a stick.
2. Wrap tinfoil around it.
3. Use it as a dildo.
4. Done.
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08

So basically people are going to do the work for you. You're going to choose the best one, and the people who didn't get chosen, their hard work goes to waste.
Build it yourself or go and buy it online.

Also you double posted and this will get locked since it's a personal thread. Just to let you know..
Posted 10/5/08
~ Locked
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