Singers who should act in dramas
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Posted 10/6/08
I think we agree that a good idol drama requires good looking actors more than talented actors. (however, it seems like to me the actress actually has to actually be able to act, but not always)

That said, any singers that should go into acting that haven't yet?

(I eliminated some from the list because their music's too good for them to be distracted by acting)

BoBo - Fu Xinbo +
Jing Boran
Fu Xinbo not acting is a tragedy of the entertainment industry.

Ma Tianyu
what a waste of his cute face to not act....

He Jie
She has that signature "main character smile." Isn't she in Show Luo's company? They should let her tag along on his next project.

Jade Liu
I would love to see her playing a strong, non-wimpy girl. Plus, she still haven't worked with Calvin and Wu Chun yet. But music should still be number one for her. Love her voice!

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Posted 10/6/08
Agree with Jade Liu. I love her look, style and voice!
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Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/6/08
Hm maybe Elva Hsiao or Coco Lee?

Quack Wu
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Posted 10/6/08
xiah junsu omg<3333
Posted 10/6/08
jchrist that kid jingboran is cute.

oh, but yoon kye sang is my fave singer turned actor.
i had no idea he was even in g.o.d. until after i finished who are you?
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