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Dear (Insert Name)
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Posted 12/29/11
Dear _[_____]_,

Why do you always have to be in the way? Don't you get enough spotlight? Thanks. -_-

No Love For You,

Kyeonie ^^
Posted 12/29/11
Dear Carbo,

I will rape you.

Love RawrAlex※
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20 / F
Posted 12/30/11 , edited 12/30/11
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23 / F / SA
Posted 12/30/11
Dear coworker,
I'm not into gurls i really am sorry I've told you that yet you're fucking around me still, leave me alone? I'd love that
Thanks, choi.
Posted 12/30/11
Dear tampons,

You know, you turn some of the girls that used to use Always on, right? I thought you should know. That is just creepy, man. I have lost all of my fans.

Sincerely, Always.
Posted 12/30/11
Dear [ThyPersonWhoShallNotBeNamed],

LMAO! For the record, I saw toilet paper peeking out of your eff'in low V-neck shirt! My brother(a.k.a Your Boyfriend) saw that too, and wanted me to mention that you have "Nice Stuffers".

Much Love,
Rennie ^^

P.S. Which one do you use? 1 Ply or 2 Ply toilet paper? Thnx ; )
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22 / F / Your Cookie Jar
Posted 1/6/12
Dear Pendeja,

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Posted 1/8/12
Go die. :)
Jk ..... i wish you were mine but then again, but you're hopeless at love, so please get a life. Please??

Lotsa love,
Posted 1/8/12
Dear caketastesgood,

I bet your vagina is better.
Posted 1/9/12
Dear Star,


Love StarlessRawrAlex
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25 / M / Born here = Toron...
Posted 4/24/12
Dear fucking asshole!

Stop harrasing the shit out of me i hate when your around i dont like you or like seeing you ive never had thoughts of killing some till recently thanks to you i hate you so much so fuck you u abused and hurt me ever since mom died so fuck u and u hit me and yell at me ur a dick and no one likes u i cant wait to leave im currently in the process of doing so so fuck off and go to hell u fucking dick u suck so badly i hope u get sick to the point where ull be in the hospital i really do cuz all u want to do is see me suffer u fuck face im going to be leaving soon and i hope after im gone ur business fails ur a failure as a parent and I cant wait to throw ur piece of shit existence out of my life permaently!!.
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Posted 4/24/12
Dear ,

You are an asshole and I WILL make you pay. <3 Have a great life, I will see you in hell.

<3 Fuck around more and I will get to you faster.

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23 / M
Posted 4/24/12
Dear Mom,

You god damn alchoholic, you're irresponsible, childish, and you don't care about anyone but yourself. You're 50 years old, grow-up. I don't care that you were abused as a child 45 years ago, it's no reason to use alchohol to shirk responsiblity, endanger others with your drunk driving, and make the lives of your family more dificult it already is.

You're a compulsive liar like the rest of your family and if you hadn't sliped-up that one time I would never have realized it. You make everyone believe that you're kind, generous, and selfless so that you can look down on others from above. Behind that facade of love and kindness is a selfish bitch who doesn't think of anyone but herself.

You will never understand how it feels to find out after 19 years that your mother doesn't care about you, it's like your whole childhood, your whole life is filled with lies. No matter how much you try to deny it, if you really cared about any of us you would have quit drinking, quit endangering us, before it got to this point.

About the only good you ever did me is show how not to live my life.

Thanks for nothing,

Dear Dad,

You always told mom that you'd kick her out if she kept drinking. To bad you never grew a pair and backed up your word.


Dear Little Sister,

Get off my ass about doing nothing all day. I graduated high school and don't have any higher education that I want to pursue at the moment and even if I did I have no money to pursue it with. Also, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm going to look for a job as soon as I get my drivers license.

It's not your problem, stay out of it. I don't tell you that you shouldn't hang around with your pot-head fake friends, or that you have terrible taste in men, and that half of them show up to school high, or that you weren't even serious about your ex so why the hell were you so depressed when you broke up. There's a lot that I could criticize you about, but it's not my problem so I don't.

The "idiot" you treat like a little brother,
Posted 4/29/12

I hate you. Everything you do pisses me off.
Even when you breathe it pisses me!

I hope you die in your sleep.

Your "friend"

PS: Bitch.
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M / All men are lemons.
Posted 4/29/12
Dear House that is white
You suck
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