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Are violent games one of the reason why people are violent?
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23 / M / USA
Posted 7/15/10
In my opinion violent video games make most people less violent because they can vent their frustrations.
Posted 7/18/10
Well... mostly everythin (like humans and animals) are violent in someway either it's small or explosive. The problem is whether they show it or they don't... So violent games don't make a person violent, they just make them alittle or more violent then they are already, cuz they learn how to act and be more violent.. This also applies to violent movies, they way of life (surviving), and other violent acts. The more you learn the more the more dangerous you become in it

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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
no, but it does make people aggressive
when played way too long
and for more than 2 hours in one day
i can tell bc i played l4d and black ops online
got addicted and i easily get irritated
especially when being disturbed
even before ps2 game even sims xD
as in got really mean to anyone who person annoying me
that only applies during and after i played though at home

maybe to mentally unstablepeople it is
like the guys who did the shooting at some school
doom video game was found in their bag i think
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24 / M / anmie land
Posted 7/12/11
*did catcher in the rye inspire the murder of john leon or attemped of rondal reagan *killers said yes but then again they're insane
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26 / M / Texas, USA
Posted 7/13/11
Violent video games attract violent people, but it doesn't make them violent. Also, nonviolent people play violent video games as well. That being said, an extremely excessive amount of time playing violent games can quite possibly have an effect on you. It depends on the person's mental well-being.
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21 / M / Ninjas are everyw...
Posted 7/16/11
i always say, it depends on the situation, obviously if u have a spoiled 8 year old GTA IV he might get a little crazy after playing for 40 hours, but even then the only people you can blame are the parents for letting him play it. As for everybody else, games are a way to turn rage somewhere else in my opinion. Better to blow the heads off of virtual enemies then real people.
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37 / M
Posted 7/17/11
If someone is having trouble distinguishing from the fantasy world of the video game and the real world consequences of violence, they should probably take a break from gaming and see a shrink. Or join the military, I guess.
Posted 7/17/11
Oh please they were violent in the first place..The video game just provides an outlet for that violence and anger well temporary at times though. .
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32 / M / Who Knows?
Posted 7/17/11
This is the line that all those politicians use to stir up shit about 'troubled youth'. People are violent if their nature dictates them to be so. This can be from natural aggressive, lack of responsibility, upbringing, and a LONG list of other things. If someone who plays games happens to also be violent, that doesn't mean there is a direct connection.

Violent video games is a bit of a broad term. A lot of 'violent' games hold a lot of strategy and puzzle solving skills. Fighting games are full of quick decisions and remembering damn combos. I've seen some of the worse nerd rage over games like Star Craft and WoW opposed to losing a round in Street Fighter. I've seen people wild the fuck out over shit in MMO's with little to nothing to do with the fighting part. It was usually over guild control or in-game items.

I'm not violent, but I enjoy games like Assassin's Creed, Prototype, and Smash Brothers. Not too much on the FPS, but hey. I get motion sick kinda easily. Can't play them for long periods of time. Couldn't you say that other things provide outlets for aggression, like exercise? I think Wii Sports has more aggressiveness than most game XD
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36 / M / Construction land!
Posted 7/19/11
Hmm... I've seen both arguments for some time now, and I think both sides have a point, though they also tend to get exaggerated.

Occasionally playing a violent video game is not a bad thing. It is a way to vent frustration and anger at certain other things that may be impacting a person. (Getting stuck at a certain point may induce a different frustration and anger, though.) It's a chance to lash out, without repercussions. And a few of the games even deal well with the results. So violent games do have a place.

But, some game companies (like Rockstar) are pushing more for a hyperviolence to sell their games. This is where I'm afraid of a backfire. The increase in violent games can be argued to desensitize people to violence, especially the younger audiences. (Yes, I know games are rated M in the US. They are not marketed toward that age group.) And the hyperviolent games, with no ramifications for the violence, do make some people think about going to the "next level" with it- and that's what gets the media attention.

So, my stance on these games is conflicting. I hate censorship, so I don't want to see them banned. However, I do think that as long as gaming is in a spotlight as being a plague of problems, constantly trying to push the boundary is not good. I'm worried that someone is going to push just a little too hard, find the wrong person, and result in legal restrictions on what is allowed in gaming. So I do want to see it curtailed. I'd much rather this be a voluntary action than a legal one, though. But, as long as hyperviolence sells (and it does), it's going to take a legal action.

Now, I'm under no illusion that gaming is "the problem." Other factors, like poor raising and mental impairments, are greater factors. But a scapegoat is needed. Attacking how a parent raises a child is bad. Blaming a mental illness is taboo. And both of these would be political suicide. So you go after a smaller factor that you can do something about, in this case, gaming. There are government officials who already support restrictions on gaming, and there is a national movement about banning things in place also. A story of "GTA Player Kills Parents" is only going to be fuel for these groups. And with enough fuel, playing a new GTA, or, depending on the scope and broadness of the law, the new CoD, or even any M-rated game, might not even be a permissable option.

What would I love to see? For gamers to stop being slaves to these companies. Stop having 20 million people buying CoD every year. Stop having 10 million buy the latest GTA. These high sales are what perpetuate the problem. Again, I'm not saying that people shouldn't be able to buy them. It's the numbers that make companies make these games. And, encourages other companies to see how they can push further to get into this market. I think this "me too" mentality (especially with FPS games) is stagnating both the industry and creativity in general. Every 10 years or so, the popular genre seems to change. It's gone from action/puzzle to platformer, to RPG, to FPS. But before now, other genre have been able to thrive with the dominant one. And when (not if) that FPS bubble bursts, I think everyone, developers, retailers, and gamers, are in for a world of hurt.
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25 / F / London, UK
Posted 7/20/11
I highly disagree with this theory that games and TV shows make people violent. People aren't that easily influenced! There's plenty of other things besides violence on those media devices, but you don't see people copying that, do you? I think violence is to blame on the immediate environment, for example, peer pressure. If someone hangs around a rough crowd, they're going to become rough themselves to fit in, or even simply to stick up for themselves. If parents don't like their children watching/playing violent games, don't blame the games, control what they're watching/playing. Simple!
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31 / M / NC USA
Posted 7/23/11
Violent video games will not always make violent people.

Violent people will definitely play violent video games though.

Violent people will probably also make violent video games.

If they were not making and playing violent video games then they would be doing something else violent, burning ants or something.
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30 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 7/25/11
No, people who blame violent videogames are the reason people are violent. lol. It's true.
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22 / F
Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11
I don't think so, I get more angry at games like Mario Party than I do at violent games.....then again I don't really play violent games much... I think it's just an excuse made up by parents who don't want to admit that they're in the wrong.
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39 / M / New Orleans
Posted 8/7/11
All this hype comes from the fact that the Columbine kids used the old Doom level maker to help plan out they're attack on the school. Nanny watchdogs anti-video game groups were around before then, but no one really paid them heed.
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