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What manga character stereotype do you like the most?
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Posted 12/4/11 , edited 12/5/11
This isn't really a manga-only topic, so I'll answer for anime aswell.

Female Stereotypes that make me go all fanboy-ish:

-Megane/Glasses, snobby/cool.
-Meganekko in general. (I ain't gonna lie, I'm proud to say it's a fetish. <3)
(Examples: Chisame Hasegawa, Mari Makinami, Perrine Clostermann.)

Male Stereotypes that make them badass to me:

-Not really a stereotype, but characters with rage modes.
(Examples: Negi Springfield, Rin Okumura, Naruto.)
NOTE: Sometimes I only care about them for their rage mode, like Naruto.
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Posted 12/5/11
Girl: Socially Awkward or not too annoying and selfish. Also the bad ass ones C:

: Those quiet yet strong yet calm yet kind yet yet yet mysterious and sexy :DDD
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F / inside you, invad...
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Boys: Loud, funny ones that get themselves into trouble. Since they provide the most humor/comedy/crack scenes.
Girls: Uhm the ones who are like Kita Michiru from Zombie Loan. C:
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F / Where the music p...
Posted 12/5/11
I like the megane type, the mysterious slightly emo type, the fangirl/boy type, the cool girl type and the kind-hearted type.
However the tsundere type is also really cute! So is the dense type!
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