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Post Reply What do you feel about KR KIVA until now?
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Posted 10/16/08
hey my bad if people watch these series expecting to not have to think. i have to be a jackass to balance out people's studipity.
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Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08
1. Shizuka's background (how she knows about Wataru and Kivat? Does she have any family?)

Shizuka is Wataru´s Vionlin Student. It was said that she once was a shy girl too. But how we see, once she took up the lessons by him, she slowly grow attached to her young teacher. (Well, who wouldn´t ). Shizuka has a family, she mentioned her mother in episode 1, when she hands over Wataru the fish-left-overs. She just happens to hang around Wataru a lot and it seems that she sees Kivat as a "little something", maybe a companion Wataru made himself for him, when he was all alone. I mean, that kid is in arts and crafts after all. So why care much, when the little eccentric made a flying-bat-friend that can even talk?

2. How is Wataru making a living?

How we see in episode 2 is Wataru not only giving Violin lessons (very rarely!) and making Violins (his daily work), but also repairs them. He is secretly known as someone special skilled, and it´s a very unusually work, especially in Japan. The payment varies from the value of the Violin and efforts (time and material). But we can assume that Wataru wouldn´t get a reward under $10.000 for a fixed Violin (at the minimum!).

So, everything that Wataru does makes a lot of sense. Searching after rare ingredients for Varnish, looking for rare and matching wood-sorts and working on creating the perfect Violin. That kid is an artist.

3. What was the cause that created Wonderful Blue Sky Organization?

We will get to know this in the upcoming episodes.

4. Do you need IXA belt and IXA knuckle or just the knuckle, to henshin?

The knuckle, the belt will appear out of nowhere.

5. How old exactly is Wataru?

Wataru is 20 years old. He was born in 1988 (and therefore went just full-aged in Japan). Taiga is 22 years old, born in 1986.

Another thing, Wataru´s backround

I don´t think that Wataru went to school.

Well, that kid is a really interesting character, I think.
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Posted 11/8/08
I think it is all depend on the writers of the show to make it or break it.
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Posted 11/8/08

little_omittchi wrote:

i liked ur answer.
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Posted 11/30/08 , edited 11/30/08
hey guys check it out, it is kiva movie battle scene


and this, imajin promotion finale

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