Eva Huang Sheng Yi
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/13/08
I've noticed that there's loads of rumours in and out the industry that Eva is a mean arrong Biatch. But does anyone have anyone have proof? Anyways it's so weird, almost everyone hate her, if you do, why do you hate her? I really like her!

Just watched a movie called Ding Jia You Nu Xi Yang Yang with her in it, she is such a good actress. I can't really complain, and my mum's friend's brother worked with her and he said she totally wasn't a bitch.

I'm not sure exactly but there was also some rumours regarding Stephen Chow and her (?) Anyways if there's a reason please post it here, cuz I've been driving myself crazy last night trying to find out the answer.

But anyways she's not that popular on crunchyroll, but try watch her films (Especially Ding Jia You Nu Xi Yang Yang) and you'll find her really good, I put her as a top actress!

BTW she was the mute girl from kung fu hustle

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Posted 10/12/08
i dont know who she is but she
kinda looks like liu yi fei with a longer face.
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Posted 10/12/08
dramas that is in...
sorry I don't know her..
am not even familiar with her..
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Posted 10/12/08
She's from kung fu hustle.. the mute girl
Posted 10/13/08
Yh she's the girl from kung fu hustle, apparently stephen chow used to really like her then he started to say she's a slut and everything
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