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27 / M / Neenjahland
Posted 10/13/08
Ok was it just me or was episode 2 a little bit dissapointing? I didn't feel the same excitement as when I watched episode 1. Don't get me wrong it was a great episode but I just thought it could have been better.
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/13/08
Never mind. I'm waiting for episode 3. Bookmarked!
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inside your head
Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/13/08
errrr.... this episode is good..
BUT it feeLs a bit disappointing..
i feLt like they were rushing the story...
if you read the manga or light noveLs
the part where Ryuji catches Taiga when she was faLLing..
the part where Ryuji ate the cookies
the kicKing of the eLectric post...
the part where ryuji carried Taiga, going home and they said "good byes" at exactLy 12 midnight..
i thought those parts where cute/romantic when they were in the noveLs

but on this ep those parts were rushed or skipped...
(they finished voL 1 with two eps! damn!)

still, not a bad ep though..
but still .. i'll read the noveLs for a better story..

Btw... nice OP and ED sOng..

i update my toradora thread every time a new ep comes out
you can aLso post your comments there
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25 / F
Posted 10/24/08
er for me i agree with jeromemmzz..
ep two was a bit rushy
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M / UK
Posted 1/28/09
For older episode discussions please post in the episode discussions thread

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