need more gold
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77 / M / hell yea
Posted 10/13/08

atleast just make one. it won't cost u anything. u make one i'll make one for u
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M / texas
Posted 10/13/08
NA i dont need gold b/c ima peump. i gets my own gold fa reelz. lol
i love talkin like that haha
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27 / M / s'pore
Posted 10/14/08
Well, here's a decent advice for you people. Instead of indulging in games you should...

- Do sports such as swimming
- Prepare for some upcoming tests
- Hang out with your best bud
- Learn a new word or 2 from your dictionary

No offenses, indulging in too much games is bad for one's health. Treasure your health.

Oh yes, nepalihercules... by stating what you wanted to do in the FORUM, you've already boldly declared yourself to the mods your spamming chars. Thus i wouldn't know what they'll do...good luck fellow.
Posted 10/15/08
Okay... ill do it for ya
Posted 12/12/08
personal thread. embed that link in your profile rather than making a forum topic about it.

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