Ikariam U.S.A. (World Eta)
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21 / M / Nowhere
Posted 10/15/08
If you play Ikariam and in world Eta, U.S.A. Version, you must help me.

Please Help Me To Attack Phatty B:
Please help me to attack Phatty B, he's keep attack me over 100 times on my town now. I know you are not an ally of me, but please help me to attack this bully. He keep attacking me and he didn't get ban, he's already loot everything from me. Please help me to attack Phatty B, even you are not my ally. Please help me for attacking Phatty B. Reason 1: He always use the F word on me and attack on me. Reason 2: He's a cheater, he get many militaries by cheat and attack the other towns. Here is the locate, please help me attack Phatty B, that hacker that keep use army to attack the other towns, he doesn't even know what rules are. Let's teach him a lesson.

Player:Phatty B
Locate 1: 50:46, Wine Island, Town Name: CRUNKistan
Locate 2: 51:43, Marble Island, Town Name: ROCK HARD (Becareful, he got 100 more troops maybe, by use cheats)

Let's attack his town and teach him a lesson.
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22 / M / 大迷宮
Posted 10/15/08
So, basically, this is a "Help me in an online MMO!" thread?
Posted 8/1/09
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