bleach fighting styles
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Posted 10/16/08
I don't know if some of you also noticed that usually when there's a fighting scene in bleach, both manga and anime, watever...the characteristics of the fighters are the same

example...the espada no. 5, which i forgot the name, and whoever he is, he likes fighting and you can say that he is a warfreak right? and he fought kenpachi who also likes fighting and you can also say that he is a warfreak.

next example...this fighting scene though is only seen in the manga, but someday the anime will catch up..hehe,, the fighting scene between these two beauty freaks...ok honestly i forgot their names, but i do know who they are, and for those who read the manga, maybe you know these two. these two who most of the time fight for who is the most beatiful of stuff, which both of them are not! the arrancar is weird, and the shinigami is...i don't know, he's annoying, well anyway, that's not what my topic is about...

there are other fighting scenes that are the same way, but i will not tell them anymore, i just realized it...

hope you realized it too...
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
this is an analogy VV

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Posted 10/16/08
i dont care anymore
this shit happens everyday yet the mods dont make the connection
its sad
Posted 10/16/08
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